Wake up children
Ways to help a child wake up easier in the morning

There is little difference between what is written about how to wake up in the morning for adults and how to wake up children in the morning

The key to easy waking up is LOVE - love IN your life - a love filled life is attractive a love filled life is fun - for adults as much as for children.

Adults need a loving partner to love to wake up - children need loving parents to love waking up

If you are loving parents
then children love to come back to you
waking up always is a coming back

If you are sweet mother and sweet father
loving, making your children as happy as angels can be
if you offer them freedom to enjoy adventures, fun and games
if they are free to learn and do with fun while working
then each day here on earth can be exciting for them

All children love to be loved
all parents as well

If love is all you want to give your children
then just love them awake rather then calling or shaking them
kiss them awake
caress them awake
gently and full of love
make them fall in love with you
be an ocean of love for your children
then they love to kiss and hug and love you many ways ...

If anything else is what your life offers to your children
then they may prefer to escape what you offer them and may prefer to stay away from their body
out of body is where children usually always are when asleep
surrounded by angels when ever possible
surrounded by loved ones
protected by God
having fun while learning

Except those children who have night mares because of their life on earth
some fear coming back into darkness
fear of what their own self chosen parents offer them
fear of the darkness of parent's aura
fear of spanking and restrictions given by parents
hence for such children waking up - returning into body
always is a pain, stress, a nightmare they prefer to escape or delay

If children wake up before parents do
then they love to be where parents are
if they wake up much later
then children prefer to be at a different place from what parents have to offer

LOVE is what children deserve
love is needed to ATTRACT children to your place
like a flower offers beauty and nectar to attract honey bees or butterflies

Sweet tender caring love is needed to attract angel children
sweet tender caring love is needed to make waking up for children a pleasure each day
your sweet tender caring love is needed !

God is love God is Love - true divine love

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