Credit Cards - loans - minus on your bank accounts ?
Rebalance your life - rebalance your flow of love

If you spend more money than you have
If you have a minus on bank accounts or credit cards

then it means and proves that you receive and consume more love from others than you give to others

when you spend money without having earned it first, then you love to give less to others than you love to receive from others

same applies to mortgages and other debts of any kind - in money or in kind

a true lover always spends within the limits he earns first
a true lover first earns money then spends it, rather than creating minus balance on accounts or credit cards

On your bank and credit card status and your spending behavior thus you can recognize your love behavior.

Do you properly balance the amount of love you want to receive by an adequate amount of love you first give ??

If you spend more than you earn - if your balances are minus, then change your behavior. more happy family members and more happy friends will result and finally you will turn into a better lover!

A true lover always gives more than he expects or receives from others. a true lover always gives in abundance without accounting the love or services he gives.

How can a true lover give more than he receives ? - because a lover creates - hence he takes out of God's infinite resources to create services or happy-making products. The resources are near infinite even on this planet - hence the amount or quantity a true lover can give never depends on what he receives from others but from the efforts he makes to create abundance for others out of the well of God's divine resources.

The opposite of minus balance it an excessive plus on your savings account

If your account balance or property grows and grows - it means you love to receive or create without actually giving - with other words you indulge in stinginess and greed. This too needs to be changed and adjusted to create a steady flow of love in both directions. whatever you receive is intended to be enjoyed, multiplied and spread across as many as possible for the ever increasing joy of others.

To rebalance your life - to rebalance your flow of love - more work, better work or better qualifications in combination with a more simple life style is the key to balance your life again.

Love needs to flow - money too needs to flow

Love needs to flow - love never can be stored nor can love ever be borrowed from others or banks. Those living at the expense of banks and credit cards, parents or social welfare simply have nothing at all to offer but still want to appear richer to attract additional sources of love.

Be honest in your heart to all around you. if you feel that what you have may be too little - then work more, work better quality and create more abundance in your life to have as much as you want to have and need to have to make others as happy as you love to be made happy by others.

God is love God is Love

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