Sharks and humans
the spiritual meaning of sharks
and our human relationship to sharks

If you fear sharks - then you fear devil
only weak ones fear and only weak ones fail

To grow strong in your heart is an essential part of your lessons here and now - strong enough to love at any given time in any possible situation.

Thousands of people love sharks, play with sharks, ride sharks or master sharks - in open sea and of course free of any protection !! If you play with sharks while in a shark cage - such never counts !! But if you face sharks in open sea and free as made by God - free of shark protection, free of spear guns or bang sticks - just you and sharks ... then you have

Billions of people fear sharks, fear death and hence also fear devil. Fear of death, fear of devil makes you reincarnate again and again, because fear only exists in total absence of God within you as a result of you being fully closed to God.

Fear of sharks means fear of death as sharks normally kill or attack humans - it is their purpose in eternal life while on earth - to clean up all oceans of illness and of all ego. Ego is a spiritual illness - ego is destructive and self destructive at the same time. Ego is the only factor for any serious illness such as cancer, aids, tuberculosis, malaria, Alzheimer disease or Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, all war among mankind and many more illnesses.

Sharks need to clean up all oceans to keep oceans clean - shark attack only the fearing - sharks never attack the strong one, sharks never attack the divine, sharks never attack the courageous one or loving one !!!

Do you know whether you can handle sharks with an open heart ? How to find out ??

Swimming in deep water - many hundreds or thousands meter deep - far away from shore is a beginners test to see how relaxed you truly are. However deep water is no guarantee to have sharks even near you. The second level is to really search sharks, attract them, feed them, play with them handle them in many professional ways - without killing them of course ! However it is never the outer appearance that proofs courage and divine love - it is your inner calmness and inner strength that keeps sharks away from you or attracts them to you. Remember - it is their God intended divine duty to keep all oceans clean and free of any pollution - thus also clean of fearing ones. Fear is one of the greatest and most detrimental illnesses among all mankind

Our lessons here on earth are of eternal value - for eternity ... we need all to be absolutely free of any even smallest and disguised manifestations of fear. Only the truly fear-less can start to learn to love and improve his love to become truly divine. Only divine love can attract your one and only partner and make that partner truly happy for eternity.

On our way home to God for the remainder of eternity - the standards are high - far higher than high-school or college ! The rewards waiting for us are infinitely of greater value than any earthly benefits offered when entering a material career.

How to dissolve your fear of sharks ?

Just in case that you may realize you are one of many billions fearing devil - fearing sharks - you may have few options only to dissolve your fears and be strong in your heart. These few options are:

  1. be truly spiritual by practicing spirituality in all aspects of your life - for all your present full lifetime and beyond
  2. face and accept any and all adventures and challenges life is offering you - adventure camps, adventure travel, adventure jobs, adventure recreation, adventurous partners !!
  3. walk through darkness - in dark remote forests and focus on God
  4. swim on deep oceans far away from shore and focus on Love
  5. practice Kriya Yoga until you enter Maha Samadhi AND oneness with God ! "Dying" through the power of love will heal you of any fear in all situations of life.
  6. the more you develop your spiritual awareness with a.m. spiritual methods, the more you become aware of your metaphysical, spiritual being and the more you will become aware of your spiritual perception, spiritual emotions, spiritual memories, ... and finally of the ultimate fact that you are and always will be - even without a physical body and that your perception, awareness and intensity of life is far greater without your physical body than within your physical body. Hence you will gradually lose any attachment to your physical imprisonment by your physical body and thus lose any fear of death. When you lose your fear of death - you also have lost fear of any evil and hence also fear of devil. All - even devil - can be overcome by the power of divine love !

God is love

When you have truly realized that powerful and absolute truth - then you are ready to fully surrender all to God when facing devil - and as a direct result of such faith in God ... you will fall in love with God and be free in God !

If you need an extra portion of motivation to start dissolving your fear in the power of love and to start being strong - just keep in mind that the fearing one never has a partner for life or for eternity as any potential partners has a divine right to be happy. A fearing one NEVER can make happy - he only can make sick. If you want to be attractive, if you want to be of true help, a basement of happiness and freedom for others - then you have to be truly strong in your heart, in all aspects of your life - and that includes to face devil with love and a smile on your face !!!

We all will sooner or later face devil directly for a while - before or after death or after a future incarnation .. Some hundreds of millions of people already face devil in human form daily here and now in their earthly life. Just look at the many military conflicts on this planet right now - in Sudan, Chad, Iraq and many other places and how all the different soldiers and terrorists behave - many of these government sent troops are far more evil than devil - yet there are people facing such evil forces with strength in their heart - ready to die rather than to be suppressed for life. All that is needed to be learned by such courageous people who face evil military troops is to shift their own means and applied methods from military means to love only.

God is love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss


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