Happy birthday
- are you born to make happy or what is the spiritual meaning of your birthday ?

Most people party on their birthday - and you ?

Your birthday means that you are born again in a new body for a precise reason - that reason never can be to party but has to do with either:

Your birthday is for your direct family and for God only

Instead of partying on your birthday it would be an ideal day to review your reason why you are born into this body why you created the reason for the present reincarnation.

Spending a few hours with your loved ones if you have a direct family - partner and children - and if you are single, then all day would best be spent alone - just God and you. A full review of past year and years. Did you realize and fully understand the reason why you are reincarnated instead of being home in God ?

If yes, are you truly working toward achieving and accomplishing your very individual spiritual goal of the present incarnation ?

  1. Do you progress according to your divine plan ?
  2. Are you ahead of your plan - then just keep on working - there never is too much done because there are plenty of others failing their plan fully or to a substantial part ?
  3. Are you behind your plan - if yes, why ?

Your birthday should be used to refresh your agreement with God to achieve this incarnation's goal

Open more for God by using your time and resources more efficiently toward your spiritual goal in life

If you fail to clearly know your plan for this entire incarnation, then the only single purpose of your entire life is to dissolve karma, expand your spiritual awareness and return home to God.

If you have a full and hundred percent sure awareness of your entire divine life-plan - then you should know that such is ONLY possible after you have reached oneness with God in present incarnation. Without such full oneness with God all your thoughts, intentions and "guesses" are falsified by your ego's expectations, imprints, karma, wishes and fears and hence wrong.

Only a fully enlightened person knows the true purpose of life - until that moment you should focus on basic spiritual lessons

Before knowing exactly what to do, all should first strive for true and full enlightenment and full enlightenment only is possible after repeated true oneness with God.

Until then you have thousands of very basic lessons, basic spiritual steps and may be millions of microlessons and spiritual exams to pass in your present worldly environment - at home, at work, in recreation, in relationship - just in anything you do - minute after minute. Benefit from the millions of microlessons offered to you by God and grow in your readiness to truly love and fully surrender all your ego.

If however you have achieved true repeated oneness with God - then fully focus on "spiritual only goals" - anything and everything else is of zero importance and zero value to you and all mankind. A truly Godrealized person focuses on development of love in all situations of life and neither fears darkness nor devil.

Happy birthday with God in your heart and mind

Let your birthday be a day to review briefly your past months or year and open for bliss and love from God.

Birthday is a day of divine intimacy between God and you. To be God-realized means to accept full responsibility in the name of God and to fully surrender all again and again to God to remain free day by day and to be ready to die for God whenever necessary for a greater purpose of God's divine plan.

Birthday is a day between you and God - as your birthday most likely has been caused by your separation from God and all causes for your separation from God need to be dissolved in divine love - now or later. Better now ! Later all situation may be far more complex and far more demanding for you than your present situation is !

God is love Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss


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