Starving for Sweets - eating sweets
absorbing sweets - converting sweets

Seet color flowers - Hibiscus
Starving for sweet love may be manifested in loving sweet colors

Sweets is love - hungry for sweets means hungry for love
absorbing and converting sweets into another form of love is divine

How is your relationship to sweets, to sugar, chocolate, cake or sweet fruits ?

Many different reactions by humans are possible - such as:

  1. absorbing sweets of any kind and turning sweets into creative productivity
  2. rejecting sweets contained in food while eating sweets, refusing to absorb sweets - hence turning into diabetes. A diabetic is a person eating sweets without truly absorbing sweets.
  3. absorbing sweets and turning it into non-productive action - like sports, gym, jogging, any action burning up sugar without resulting in fun, love or productivity for the benefit of others
  4. absorbing sweets and doing nothing with all the energy contained within
  5. limiting sweets
  6. avoiding or rejecting sweets

Sweets needs to be fully absorbed and turned into creative productivity. Exactly like love is to be fully absorbed and turned into creative productivity as well.

Absorbing sweets - enjoying love, having fun and using joy of life for creative activities for the benefit of all

Sweets in food as much as love is the normal source of creative energy for the production of love, help, healing of all creation. Hence I healthy and normal behavior is to be able to fully absorb sweets inside your innermost being and convert it into something beneficial for others - convert it into joy of life and fun FOR others for example.

Diabetics - from rejected sweets - when you refuse to absorb sugar while eating sweets

Rejected sweets means rejected love, rejected fun, rejected joy of life !!

A diabetic is a human eating sweets without enjoying it. Eating sweets without fully absorbing it. Hence a diabetic suffers from lack of creative productivity and joy of life. There is nothing wrong with sweets - a very substantial part of all natural food contains high quality sugar, such as sugar can, berries, fruits, honey, sugar beets, and more. Hence sweets is a vital part of God's natural creation.

The art of eating sweets is to really enjoy it and turn it into something useful, productive, creative - for the joy of others. If you dance with our partner - your partner enjoys you dancing him and to do so you need ... sugar. Sugar - more precisely blood-sugar - is the source of vital creative energy to perform.

The relationship between human and sugar is different for women as for men. Human beings are highly complex. Such is the cure for any disorder in physical behavior as any physical behavior is a direct reflection of your innermost spiritual behavior. Hence to heal diabetics a spiritual healing of your inner being and attitude toward love, joy of life and fun needs a substantial readjustment. Such adjustment can be done by highly complex, and hence expensive - OR it can be achieved by practice of Kriya Yoga by applying divine love into all and every aspect of your innermost being without even knowing exact problems and cause of illnesses. God knows and that is enough - later you will know as well - after healing and after having achieved oneness with God.

Establish a balance of sweets absorbed with creative work done
- establish a balance of love received with love given.

To avoid mental, emotional, spiritual and physical disorder, there is a need to balance the amount of absorbed love with the amount of given love, equally applies a need to balance the amount of sweets absorbed with your physical productivity and physical work for the benefit of all creation.

Learn to fully enjoy sweets and hence increase your power and output for the benefit of all others - God made a variety of different food resources. All are needed in a healthy balance - sweets as well. If you realize that you have a unbalanced relationship to sweets then you have of course also an imbalance in your love flow !!

Your relationship and behavior toward sweets of any kind is a direct reflection of your behavior toward love. Before you can give love you need to fully absorb love - before you can fully absorbed love you need to be willing and ready to give love ! Willingness and readiness to give love needs to be proved - by actually proving love in actions within your family, toward your partner and all creation, you create the physiological readiness to fully absorb love - and sweets ...

Avoid waste of energy

Turning sweets into physical power and physical work in a gym or sports club such as done readily by millions of young people may easily turn into a waste of energy.

A waste because in a gym you may move 100 kg 100 times - but at the end of your session the weights still are at the very same place. Actually you have achieved nothing at all except you have burnt your calories and thus your energy.

Here on earth there are millions of tons of real material waiting to be shifted or moved or assembled. There is plenty to do for young and strong people looking for a physical challenge. A construction worker, forest worker or farmer may shift a few tons each day using his very own physical muscles - and hence by the end of each such working day things are different. He - the farmer or worker has made a difference and changed something in God's creation - for the benefit of all - for the benefit of you as well. As a result - he, the farmer or worker feels a true and fully justified satisfaction by the end of each day, week or year as he sees and feels the difference he created for all others - for you as well.

However there is sometimes a therapeutic need for pure controlled physical exercise during a limited period of time - either in a gym or sports club. Such as sports activities or work out in a gym after a severe accident or illness. It may be much easier to control and supervise physical exercise of therapeutic nature in a gym than it may be in nature, a construction site or farm


In addition there may be balancing sports activities of therapeutic or spiritual nature, such as spiritual oriented martial arts training to overcome weakness, cowardice and ego, Qi Gong or Tai Chi, or Hatha Yoga all have a true and permanent value as an additional balancing therapy in addition to normal active work

In addition to all work - mankind is made to have fun above all - hence after you have done all your duties and work first - it should be a must for all to get actively involved with a few hours of intense physical practice and exercise such as dancing, windsurfing, swimming, water skiing or bar-footing or whatever you love to to - be wild - enjoy being healthy and expand your limits - make your body feel good because it houses your soul and true innermost spiritual being - hence you body always should be fit, strong and well exercised - ready for new adventures of love with your eternal partner.

God is love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss


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