The colors of your underwear and dresses

The color of your underwear reflect your attitude toward your own sexual being inside you - the color of your underwear proof the color of your love

Colors you wear affect your inner emotions and vice versa - our inner emotions, your spiritual problems, Your attitude is reflected in the colors you wear.

2 levels of color-effects

  1. The colors of your underwear directly reflect your inner attitude of your sexual life,your love life and hence it is very precise and accurate to say the colors of your underwear reflect the colors of your sexual love
  2. the colors of your outer dresses reflect your overall colors of your entire spiritual being

Let's have a closer look at the meaning of such colors and the related problems.

underwear in black, grey, brown or any dark color:

black, grey or brown colors reflect a most serious attitude problem toward your very own sexuality and sexual role within your own physical body. Specially black means simply that your true sexual love life is death and purely artificial. People feeling very dirty, very bad within their own sexual role often wear such colors. Such a "death" relationship to a substantial part of your true inner being often is the result of having abused or miss-treated others over an extended period of time - often several incarnations.

Those people feel bad who have done bad - hence painful - things to others repeatedly - and as a result of the law of karma they absorb a "blueprint" of all pain and abuse within their own aura.

Such signs and left overs from earlier times can only be healed over a long period of time - years, decades or even a full lifetime - of most intense and conscious loving ALL in ALL possible ways.

The more and the longer you make OTHERS feel good - the better you feel yourself

Underwear in white colors:

that simply means boring love life or NO love life, no experience and no sexual personality or expression developed yet as a result of all previous incarnations. It means neither suppressed nor rejected love life - it simply means boring - no colors, no fantasy, no creativity in the expression of love toward partner ! Like a person having lived as a nun or monk for many incarnations - empty of partner-love and empty of love life or a person purely intellectual where all love is lived in the brain only and never in real life.

What to do if you find a partner in black or white ?

While it may be possible to wake up a person wearing white and get his love flowing and becoming creative - it is near impossible for another person to change the attitude of a person wearing black underwear. The causes for such serious condition are extreme and only the person affected has the possibility to change if such a change is really and sincerely desired. For a black wearing person it requires FULL change of attitude to start any healing and to become a potential lovable partner for any other person. It requires a FULL YES to God and to Love - repeatedly and a full lifetime and beyond.

Persons wearing black underwear are far from ready to have a partner and you should never engage in such a relationship as you may use up all your resources and love to find your self divorced or separated years later and decades older ! Because such a relationship causes YOU to age far faster and use up YOUR own life force and energy without any return of true love FOR you.

A change of inner attitude is the sole responsibility of the person affected - never of any outside person !

The inner attitude is the sole responsibility of each individual and NEVER part of the responsibility of other persons ! Most intense spiritual progress such as true Kriya Yoga with all its aspects WILL help and heal such persons - but it may take many years of most intense true spiritual efforts.

Black is the reflection of the dark side of all creation, of devil, evil forces, black magic and abuse of mystic powers. A serious condition and all spiritual persons should avoid direct contact to dark natures among humans. Leave such contacts and spiritual work to God !!! God is helping all even devil - in the most efficient and most direct - most loving and most powerful way.

Outer wear - male and female:

The colors of all outer wear are a direct reflection of the sum of all your karma, emotions and thoughts - on all levels - including spiritual level of the soul.

All colors you wear in your daily dresses, professional or casual or at home - have a precise spiritual meaning. All symbols, flowers or animals you have displayed on your dresses also have a precise meaning.

A colorful divine nature never would be dressed neither in black, grey, white nor any single color but rather in a multitude of colors - like a rainbow - and designs such as true nature on this planet.

Every spiritual person is responsible to correct any disharmony and develop true love

Healing all leftovers from karma, from injuries of any nature, physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual is a divine responsibility of any true and sincere God seeker. Hence if you find your self wearing black, grey or dark colors you can use the power of colors to affect your inner attitude as well.

Use the healing power of colors in your dresses as well as in all your furniture, housing , garden and surrounding

Whatever you wear affect you as much as your inner attitude and accumulation of karma and aura is reflected in your outer wear and underwear. Hence by wearing colors and nice natural designs and symbols on your body, you will affect also all your emotions and well being within !

If you are depressed, or feeling dark or dirty inside - then wear nice fresh natural colors in a multitude of shapes and gentle colors such as displayed in a rainbow and you will adjust your inner attitude and improve the way you feel and act in your outside as well.

If you are working in an industry where all people dress in a particular way - let's say conventional black and white - then it is your responsibility to grow above dictatorship of industry or fashion or your bosses and wear what you really love to wear instead of what is imposed upon you.

Weak people wear whatever fashion-industry or employer dictate - strong people wear what they LOVE to wear - strong people are strong enough to wear whatever reflects their true inner nature in any color. While all weak ones do whatever has been told. Weak people never make good partners in life and even less in love life. Hence avoid ever being caught up with a weak person - you just waste your time and love. It is each persons own priority to develop strength and power of love and to be in all situations of eternal life what God made - a divine angel like being made of love - made to love.

Use colorful living and working areas, plentiful of true natural fresh flowers, bushes or plants in your working and living areas and maintain a colorful garden year round whenever possible. Allow for wild flowers and plants to grow in abundance to add the missing healing power you may oversea and compensate for any imbalance in your surrounding.

Change colors of your dresses and surroundings repeated times, select pleasant colors and designs that your truly love - never compromise due to lack of availability of your preferred colors. Make the extra efforts needed to really feel well and really spoil your soul and heart ...

Your partner can only truly love you if YOU have done ALL to be healed of any damage from ancient times. It is your sole responsibility to be the VERY best possible lover and hence partner ever possible in God's entire creation. Your partner has a divine right to have a perfect partner and to enjoy true divine, creative and innovative love in infinite different divine ways.

The worst of all punishment you ever can do is to be a boring black and white partner. In such case is but one solution left for your partner - INSTANT divorce from you ! No one ever deserves punishment of any kind, having a black and white partner IS however a punishment for the divinity of any other person.

Of course there is far more to true love and love-life than just wearing colorful panty or shirts - this above is but one of the many tests you can do as part of the 24 hours love test before seriously engaging in any new relationship. But of you realize your potential partner in mind wears black and white you may better change your mind and drop this partner before needing a divorce lawyer to do so ! Black is a proof of extreme problems that can ruin your own life for a substantial part of your entire incarnation.

Human ego is most complex - like thousands of different vector forces pulling or pushing in various directions on a multidimensional being such as a human. Understanding some of the main forces acting - or at least recognizing ego forces acting in OTHERS may help YOU to safe energy, life force and focus on your path of love while preserving your existing resources toward achieving truly spiritual goals.

God is love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God God is Love

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss


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