Snakes, humans and sexuality

Snakes represent the human divine sexuality

If you fear snakes then you fear true deep sexual love
if you love snakes - then you have dissolved you ego and know how to love and enjoy sexuality in a God made divine way !

Even in old literature there was a relationship between sexuality and snakes. Sexuality is divine - God made - so are snakes. Sexuality created by ego only or modified by ego only can be

Your attitude and relationship to snakes is a direct reflection on your divine handling of true loving sexuality.

If you fear snakes - then you fear sexuality !

Since sexuality is a manifestation of true divine love - your fear and rejection of true physical sexuality is eventually going to kill you or make you seriously ill.

King Cobra

A king cobra can be faithful and loyal to you like a best friend when kept free in the house as a pet
- you just have to know how to handle it with love !

Your relationship to snakes is directly proportional to your relationship to sexuality

If you have a problem with snakes - then get in peace with snakes and you will be in peace with sexuality !!!

Proof of such ill-making problems as a result of suppression or avoidance or rejection of divine physical sexuality is the fact that dozens of millions men and women all around the world suffer from various tumors, cysts and cancer related to sexual organs such as ovaries, testicles, uterus.

Even all breast problems in women leading to breast cancer is finally a sexual problem as a result of female pride resulting in denial to give love to a partner or all mankind, all creation. The same applies to men's frequent prostate problems including prostate cancer or other prostate problems and complications.

if you can easily pet snakes, even highly venomous snakes such as king cobra and similar or even have them free in your house - then you are in true peace with your sexuality as a result of your true readiness to really and divinely love your partner.

If however you fear, escape or avoid snakes or see them only in zoos behind glass or bars - then you have a serious problem. Such problem always is the result of your very own earlier abuse of sexuality against or with others. Earlier means earlier in his incarnation or any previous incarnation - even back millions of years ago !

Only a true and sincere intention to make happy - to give true love will result in divine sexuality

God is love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss


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