Happy Valentine
my father never said I love you to me !

valentine - proof of love is better than to say I love you

My father never said I love you to me !!

As his son I never said to my father "I love you"!

My father always loved me - eternally - infinitely - hence he had no time to INTERRUPT his love for me to say "I love you" ... he always was one with me. You can only talk or write to someone being separated - divorced - from you. Never you can talk to the ones being ONE with you.

He just kept on loving me more and more day after day - he loved me instead of TALKING about love - he proved his love in billions and more ways instead of promising love.

Myself I did the same - I never had time to separate from my father to send him a spirit-LoveCard or e-Card or letter - I was busy loving him and his children.

We two never talk about love for each other - NEVER !!! - we 2 only practice loving each other - me, I love him my way - and father loves me his infinite divine way !


My father and me never need Valentine's day, because we ARE one and in love with all.

The last days on the pages of the Cyberspace Ashram I saw more and more people searching for words of love, pictures of love, roses saying "I love you" ...

People helplessly lost in proving love to their loved ones try to find alternate solutions to direct active love ...

When YOU needed to send someone a card, e-Card or buy roses for a best friend or loved one or even for your partner ..

Then YOU have simply missed to PROVE true love to those recipients of your today's words, cards, ecards and roses, or other gifts during the PAST 364 days of he year.

While it is a worthy attempt to begin - tomorrow and after tomorrow and all other coming 364 days also should be Valentine's day - but future days are days when you PROVE your love to assure in another year from today you have no one left to send an e-Card or love card or to say "I love you" - because you will now start to LOVE instead of talking or writing about love !

God will never say "I love you" to you as well - God will PROVE his love by simply loving you all the time - fully - infinitely - eternally !!

So do I !

All the words are for those being separated - like a bottle of cacao and a bottle of milk - glass to glass touching each other prevented from becoming ONE by the glass ...

Without the separating glass that acts like the ego of humans - they would mix to ONE and become Choco milk ! :-)

Like two lovers becoming ONE because they have dissolved all ego separating them.

Like the butterfly fishes IN the ocean - never need to say "I love you" or "i miss you" to the ocean - because they are INSIDE - ONE with the loved one. If you are truly spiritual and open - free of any ego - then you can FEEL love from all your best friends and loved ones across the planet wherever your loved ones are. Hence you never need to say "I love you" because you LOVE THEM in dead.

When someone has forgotten to send you a card or call you to say I love you or wish you happy Valentine - may be he was TOO busy loving you to interrupt his love for you !!

Love and Bliss


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