Elephants and humans

You can use elephants or love elephants
You can use elephants or love elephants,
you can enjoy the love of elephants or abuse and exploit elephants ...

God and humans

What have elephants to do with humans ??? ... as much as cats and dogs and all animals in all creation !

Our relationship to elephants reflect our personal relationship with God. I wrote personal - and mean personal. How is your relationship with your earthly father or mother or uncles or aunties? Of course a personal, hopefully a most tender, loving one - like with your very very best friend - one that lasts truly for ever and truly can share all with you.

For most humans on earth God is something far away - so far that no one ever considers entering a love relationship like with an human lover on earth with God. However sometimes in the near future all of you may have regained freedom at home and latest by then you realize that God always was and remains your ever greatest lover and best friend in all situations.

But of course - here and now on earth, the relationship to God is far different from ideal. Because the attitude of mankind toward God is wrong and very very ill in most humans. How ill ? How do you treat, touch, love, feed and live with elephants ?? Your attitude toward God is exactly as your physical behavior toward and with adult elephants. Big baby elephants ( one or two years of age or so ) are different, they sometimes exceed their limits and are a little to powerful for a rather fragile human body.

Often humans forget to share - they also forget to share with nature, including to share with elephants. humans take all land, cut huge jungle or forests and make plantations and ... forget to give part of the harvest to nature. Humans forget to share with elephants and other animals as much as most humans forget to share with God directly - you may like to review the newsletter "Divine accounting" and the chapter "Focus on your goals" with its worksheets !!!

Do you fear elephants ? Then you may have abused God and God's love and bliss or caused others to fear God.

God being mighty - of course far more than an elephant - but the relationship between the power of an elephant and a human is directly comparable to the difference of might between God and a human on earth. Yet elephants can be mankind's best friends if approached with love and nothing but love. However many elephants have been used to work FOR humans, for human profit, in jungle to transport logs or even in warfare. People, presidents and kings often call on God to bless war and battles ... Ego oriented humans conduct war and expect God to bless such war. People cause pain to others and call for help to heal the damage done during war. People abuse and "use" God in many totally wrong ways - since millions of years.

Elephants used by humans usually are trained in training camps and the are made to obey by applying pain to elephants until they obey according to human demand.

However there is one infinite difference between God and an elephant - God does what is for the benefit of all and never what your ego wants, God accepts any pain without being manipulable by pain caused by humans.

A single elephant may approach you and join you for a while or even for lifetime if love and only love is what you have to offer. If you give full freedom and free choice to come or to go in peace. God will join you in your heart and soul, be your eternal companion and protector and even carry you on your mutual venture - if love is all you have to offer. But God is hungry for your love as much as an elephant is hungry for bananas or pineapples and other sweet fruits or sugar cane, corn, or other delicacies or nature given with love from the depth of your heart ....... a little peace of love may attract an ant, wasp or monkey but never be enough for an elephant to be attracted.

If you want to be VERY near an adult elephant - then you need to be VERY sweet and VERY gentle ... and fully open for love and always give ALL you have to give AT ONCE and immediately....

AND ...you have to control all your thoughts and feelings and they too are to be VERY sweat and VERY gentle ... LOVE has to be your true nature - inside and outside.

Find out your relationship to elephants and accept your feedback from your insight as a possible motivation to change and improve ... your relationship to God. Sugar is converted into muscle power in human body, sugar is the source of strength - SWEET love is what God loves and sweet love is what makes your husband or eternal partner strong - SWEETNESS always is converted into strength for the benefit of all if used with wisdom and love.

Sweet natural fruits is what elephants LOVE !!!

Do and give something nice and sweet to God -
specially these very Christmas days and then all year long

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