Are you playing cripple ?

The last few days I observed a German man - with a crutch - one of the old fashioned type. It looks very serious and very handicapped. Very professional - except ...

when he thinks no one sees him - he walk very normal and just carries his crutch barely touching ground on each step! Of course he is very professional and almost never forgets to play cripple - but every liar always reveals himself to God ! EVERY liar !!!

Today I told him "it's very hard to play cripple" He said "YES" like a profession ! Then after a few sentences back and forth he added "it's no fun to be cripple".

But WHY is he playing such game ?

The answer is very simple and a challenge to all girls out there ! He - this one man - attracts girls by playing cripple !!! Every girl - no matter how young or old - has a fine developed sense for CARING for others, specially all weak, ill or crippled, helpless ones - such as this man ...

Every girl ?

YES every human being that is "true" female girl - that means with the exception of those having totally closed their heart and having something like an ice-cold rock where others may have a heart as a reason of self inflicted injuries by own ego resulting in a closed - "broken" - heart !

This man searches love - without giving love - TOO lazy to GIVE, too long successful in receiving without giving - no stinginess only laziness - but almost the very same. With his crutches he is successful here - every day and may e at home also - but the crutches are from here - may be at home he is playing healthy ?? He is successful in receiving attention and hence indirect love without doing anything at all for anyone - he always has some girl who has pity on him .. and he gets what he wants - love. He was so successful to attract love by playing cripple that he forgot being strong, being actively loving - he actually looks very normal, strong, healthy and handsome from the female point of view. His "trick" to get what he wants was simply too successful in the past and present for him to even think that there could be even more pleasant and more successful ways of getting even more love. Ego always tries to be tricky - God always KNOWS and perceives every such trick and lets people play for a while or discloses people when playtime is over and more serious things NEED to be done in creation.

Another similar situation I remember many years back in Cambodia. One evening out in the streets I decided no one shall go asleep without a full diner this night and search for all beggars in the streets to invite them for diner in some of the many nice street restaurants in Phnom Penh. Many dozen came and all were full. One young man in a soldier uniform with 2 crutches also came to ask for food ... he also lied to me and I knew it very exactly but had no desire to play his game. I took both his crutches and told him to go working - because ...

His entire body was healthy and even far above average strong. Muscles on both arms and shoulders, legs looking strong, ALL body just brilliantly strong and healthy - FAR above average healthy and far above average strong.

He took his crutches and walked away - without crutches in public. All knew now that he only was playing - in a post war time with really plentiful of work to be done by all to rebuild the fully damaged country after many years of cruel destructive war by Americans and communists. He too was simply too lazy to earn his living and money by working, by providing any service to society - instead he played cripple, was successful and continued his silly ego-game.

But who to "blame" for the "success" of the first man mentioned above ?

YOU GIRLS out there are fully responsible for his game !!! YOU failed to apply intuition and spiritual knowledge above all. EVERY girl - every women - every angel-daughter of God - has a divine right to have a strong, good looking and healthy man and partner in life !!

EVERY true woman has a right to have a true man as a partner ! Only ego games playing tricky girls get tricky and ego playing - cripple playing partners. But that is boring one day - hopefully soon. It is far more fun to enjoy life in a healthy society with all strong ones around because only strong ones can enjoy powerful love - as love is the single most powerful energy in all creation - to fully enjoy it you need to be fully healthy !!!

Hence it is your duty to actively contribute to the spiritual growth of all lost ones on this planet. By challenging such players and asking them to grow strong first before they become partner - even for a single night. Every person - male or female - has a divine duty to be strong and to be healthy - healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically as well BEFORE entering any relationship. Pity shall never be an option for any relationship. Only love - true love !

Of course every one is allowed to help any cripple - and it is a divine Christian tradition to help all ill and needy ones without any discrimination - specially during this holly Christmas time - and since all year is Christmas time - time to love - it also is all year time to reveal such players to help them instantly stopping such tricky games and be honest lovers to all. You also must become aware of those few ones who really and only play whatever game attracts you. And whenever you become aware of such game you should make him aware of your knowledge and tell that person to go and grow strong and healthy FIRST and then come back as a healthy and free person. Health attracts and creates health. Illness attracts and creates illness. Such behavior is as contagious as any virus or bacteria - hence there are many reasons for staying away from such gamblers unless you want risk your very own spiritual integrity and health or unless you are truly open for God and know what you are doing.

How can you become aware of such games ?

By even further developing your intuition - and that is done by ...

more intense and more loving Kriya Yoga.

Then with a fully developed and largely refined intuitive perception you will always know what is best - either let them play for a while and give them a chance tuning honest and sincere on their own or tell them to stop instantly and go working instead of playing ill or playing cripple.

A very efficient method of helping such liars and players is to fully ignore their illness and treat them like fully normal, fully healthy people ! Require from them absolutely everything you ever would and could expect from a fully functional healthy one. Never consider even a second their crutches or wheel chair. Never wait on them or make it easy on them. Just go on with your life and have them catch up or enjoy loneliness ... If they become aware that no one ever plays again the role THEY expect you to play - if you leave them alone - to get in peace with themselves on their one, ... then soon they get fed up being lonely and reconsider all options available to ALL mankind - one being ...

To be strong and hence to be healthy !

With no further aid from anyone - it may take up to 7 years to fully grow strong out of a wheel chair or crutch situation again - but all can do it IF they truly want to be a fully functioning member of God's human creation. IF they want to be dynamic divine lovers among lovers. Angels among angels.

Being spiritual also includes to actively support the spiritual growth of OTHERS - and that most of the time includes to NEVER play such games with others, to never allow others to play such games with you or your loved ones - but to challenge the ego of others ! True love means stopping ego game of all rather than playing such games. For a while they may even hate you because you have disclosed and thus ended their successful trick and forced them to change or even worst to work for a living. Later - may be much later - after this incarnation - they may be happy because you helped them to be truly happy, truly free, truly children of God.

As a cripple they may be grateful to you for whatever you give them - as a free and healthy person however they may be truly happy - what is more important to you ? Gratitude is for your ego only - while the happiness of all is for your innermost spiritual being. What do YOU want to feed - your ego or your spirituality ?

Of course you know that there are many other ways of PLAYING cripple ...

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