How to wake up in the morning

Read here for ways to help a child wake up in the morning

What type of sleeper are you ? Are you having a hard time to wake up in the morning, are you preferring to extend your sleep and bed time as much as possible ... covering your face to avoid daylight touching your eyes ????

Or waking up fresh and ready for more love and adventures ?

How you wake up in the morning depends on a few factors that very easily can be modified or changed by you.

Factors that make your waking up pleasant and easy each morning

Factors contributing to your difficulties in waking up in the morning

If however you have some difficulties in waking up in the morning - then you are most likely missing something in your life or making a gross and substantial mistake in your life. Here the main factors that might be wrong. Check them and adjust them as needed.

  1. To wake up easily each morning - you need to b e well rested. Hence your sleeping environment needs to be of refreshing and recharging nature. Roofing made of natural material - clay tiles, in the tropics palm leaves or other natural materials as opposed to metal sheets, or heavy concrete ceiling with metal reinforcement or metal insulation on top. The more natural the roofing of your apartment AND house, the more natural spiritual energy can flow to recharge you !!!
  2. Your nutrition must be natural and fresh - to allow full recharge of your physical body during rest in particular. Meals in evening should be light and if possible take a few hours before going to bed.
  3. Your bed and specially mattress should be very comfortable and of natural material to allow your body to fully relax and recover from all daily work and stress
  4. When you are very tired after a hard working day - instead of going to bed you should either make a gentle relaxing gymnastic such as an easy short round of Hatha Yoga - some 20-25 minutes of a simple but harmonious set of 10-12 easy asanas will help you to instantly rebalance all your body and energy system and refresh much faster than by sleeping. Anyone below the age of 70-80 can easily start Hatha Yoga - even at home in serious self study and practice !! Or you go into wild nature for a relaxing walk of an hours or so - in any weather ! Allow God to refill your body "batteries" by the abundance of Natural life force being radiated from all wild plants, bushes and trees. One hours of easy relaxed walk in nature can easily give you more energy than 3 hours of sleep.
  5. You need of course a loving relationship. If you are stressed from a wrong partner - then of course you prefer subconsciously to escape your new day and your facing the wrong partner each morning again and again. In a wrong relationship you can either make a relationship therapy IF both agree OR divorce in peace. no way to wake up smiling each morning if you face a wrong partner or a NON-loving one. BUT it is within YOUR own responsibility and capability to change any relationship at any tie and at any cost - IF happiness is worth to you any price - then it takes but 3 minutes to be free and ready for a new life ! If however that price is too high for you - then you have no right to think or complain about difficulties and illnesses in your life - such are simply the price all have to pay who made up the wrong choices and life toward the wrong goals in life.
  6. Of course you also need a work that pleases you, hence a work that makes others happy and is a real creative challenge again and again for you. If your work is boring or creating troubles of some kind for others, then each morning you try to escape such work and subconsciously you try to escape from the work and colleagues at work waiting for you. Here again - this point is extremely easy to change for you as YOU and only YOU can decide what kind of job YOU do. YOU are a free child of God, free to learn and invest in hundreds and thousands of hours for continuing education - all self-study or mix - self study and professional instructions from others according to your personal savings available. You can acquire any specialty skills and experiences needed to to exactly that one single kind of work YOU would love and enjoy to do. YOU have the freedom to change any number of time per life time your job if political or economic situation may advice for change or improvement. While some people out in this world may be prohibited - even at gun point - to do what they want and to learn what they want - YOU are one of the few million privileged ones on this planet to choose all your activities and learning all on your own just as YOU please - because you are strong enough to learn it all on your own - self study, from Internet, from books, from study by correspondence while full time working in your present job - self payed, cash in advance - whatever you really need and want to achieve in YOUR life - eternally. AND if you really do so - there is no one else to blame for a wrong work or job than you - and no one else but YOU can make changes or adjustments as YOU wish things to be changed YOU are the one and only to realize all the changes all on your own. When ever you want to have such changes realized. FULL professional reorientation in old age ??? ZERO problem !!! ...
    Why ??
    Because in old age you are about going to die - and a few years after you die you are most likely reincarnating again like most people do for a while ( a while being up to a few millions of years - thousands or more incarnations - it only depends on YOU individually !! ) - unless you truly kick your ego NOW these days and hours to get out of the cycle of reincarnation by the end of THIS very incarnation - and when you reincarnate - a few years after dying all the learning from scratch - abc, 1+1, reading, writing, new foreign languages, ... !!! - may start all over again and a few years sooner or later you may most likely learn exactly what you thought to be TOO OLD by NOW today !!! but by that time you are even several years OLDER than NOW !!! That means NOW you may be TOO YOUNG to learn something - but NEVER too old !! BUT no single child on earth HERE and NOW ever is too young for anything adults can do they can do as well or even better ! At any given age they always are old enough to do WHAT they feel attracted and interested on their very own to do !!!!!
    Hence whatever you want to learn - HERE and NOW always is the right time to do so - the very best time ... Here and now is the best time to learn what makes your life and waking up easy and pleasant - to make happy in all you do - to have a love filled life, job and relationship ! And to learn to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of creation - and hence human society - around you.
  7. YOU are the master of YOUR life and YOUR happiness in eternal life, "captain of your soul" - and hence the master of your future as well. If your present is pleasant - then the hours and the day after waking up is as pleasant as YOU made them - and whatever is pleasant to YOU always is pleasant to all and ALL humans love to jump into pleasure ! Fully receptive and fully open to enjoy and to create and improve such joy day by day. Each waking up in the morning is a possible door to another happy making fun day of plentiful of NEW and exciting adventures - if YOU create the basis of such joy and fun and happiness by doing with love what you do, by creating your truly own life and managing it in freedom - because FREEDOM is what you God from God and what you need to learn to protect ... or if lost to re-establish in your eternal life. Love makes free, eternally. Improve your love in all situations of your life by developing true spirituality and a loving relationship to God and all creation.
  8. To make it short - any and all difficulties have to do with factors YOU and only you can change. It is your responsibility to CREATE an environment of life pleasant to you to be yourself happy as it is annoying for OTHERS to have unhappy faces around them !! It is a divine duty to either be pleasant to all - or remain far away from all others to assure no one ever gets bothered by yourself being unhappy or annoyed and complaining to others all the time. It is a divine and moral duty to be a source of pleasure to all mankind, all animals, all nature, all creation and to God as well !!! God gave equal resources and equal potential to all. To you as well. The difference we see among humans on earth is simply the expression and result of different use of such equal chances and equal potential - some have "gambled" and lost it all - while others have been hard working, taking chances given to them and improved and multiplied all they ever have received. Every incarnation is another chance to improve what you may have failed to improve in previous lifetimes on earth or beyond. The faster you accept ALL the challenges given to you, the more experiences and skills you may soon have and the stronger and more pleasantly you may enjoy all eternal life. Your way - but lovingly !

How to make changes and adjustments in your life - if you think you need changes ?

When your car, bicycle, computer or TV fails to work properly and to your fullest satisfaction - you bring it to a service center for a service or total overhaul or tune up. Smart and specially large companies find it cheaper to make service contracts to have their equipment serviced before it actually brakes down. Preventive maintenance may we call it - like preventive medicine it is FAR easier and cheaper to maintain health rather than to surgically repair and cure illness.

Smart cultures have spiritual advisors, always had and always will have - even some kings or emperors had such advisors to receive wise advise in advance to prevent problems later on !! How easy would it be for example to maintain world wide peace and how expensive is the ongoing war for all nations maintaining armed forces ! Large companies have legal advisors and some even spiritual advisors. In China many major business is created after having consulted an expert in Feng Shui first and repeatedly thereafter to maintain a high level of vibration and success in business and life.

Out in this world there are - and in the future may be even more frequently - highly qualified professional "spiritual counselors" giving advice to all those seeking advice. Some do it directly, on site, eyes to eyes - if the "customer" makes the effort to travel that distance to seek advice. Others may get their advice by phone or nowadays even by eMail. Seeking advice, then make your your own choice based on all known factors may help you to faster progress in your life, gain more pleasant experiences in a more loving way. Such is and will be the system at home ! ... and always was.


You may simply follow the advice and practice all the teachings of love given to you on this web site and in a matter of a very few years steady but accurate practice you will easily be able to restructure all your life, your attitude, regain your freedom and be happy again - when you wake up in the morning as well as before you fall asleep in evening or all day and all night long when you enjoy being a spoiled child of God.

All a.m. methods require you to invest - your time, efforts, even some money for your Internet connection or changes, or self study to improve your skills, ...

Mistakes repeated again and again however are far more expensive - and eventually may cost you one or several ADDITIONAL incarnations !! Did you ever figure out the price - full and total living cost, school education, professional education, insurance, mortgages, divorces, rent of housing, electricity, food, leisure activities, medical expenses, ... for ONE full incarnation ?? If not - then please DO it once - very soon - but please be seated to easily survive any eventual shock. It easily may be millions of US $ for all those living in USA or Europe or similar countries. I know that my own life investment in education, re education, continuing education, all travel for humanitarian organization, humanitarian projects, divorces, funerals, life, and full living and professional expenses and all - all life during the more than 5 decades certainly was far more than one million US $ of total cost - FIRST earned and saved and permanently invested toward one single final project - the Cyberspace Ashram resulting in my own happiness and peace of mind as a gift to God and all mankind. Some of you may have had much larger investments for full life time full expenses - some less depending on their countries they have been living in - remember to account also for the investment / costs OTHERS had to offer you school and higher education at colleges or universities as well mostly paid by society - rarely paid in full by students themselves.

Now as a manager of your own life you have data to compare and for decision making processes in your own life - there are on one side the cost for instant changes to wake up happily and full of energy each morning, to make happy and be happy NOW, while learning fully motivated to love and make happy NOW or all the possible investment for future incarnations just in case you decide to delay your YES to love and yourself being happy NOW.

By the end of all your learning - YOU may be the one having paid and hence earned by honest work most or all of what needed to be invested for your ego as well as for your spiritual progress and eternal happiness in freedom. You may do it NOW or later. One day it all needs to be paid cash - in whatever currency is used by that time. Some may pay in full with LOVE ... provided they have learned to make love instead of making money !

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