I confess to all of you

I am a VERY spoiled child of God

When I was a very small kid - God already spoiled me all the time ...

My parents were very violent and like to beat up each other and me daily or weekly - hence God gave them MORE work, harder work - to keep them away from me and to give me peace ! He gave them many hours of more work - so I had many hours of more freedom to play with the many loving neighbor children in my age +/- several years and the many neighbor parents around my place. God always gave me the very best that was possible at any given time !!

I was spoiled because God never allowed my parents to beat me more than blues - I never had to go to Hospital - while many children around the world are being killed or beaten up so badly they need hospitalization. God spoiled me with an extremely strong and healthy body - so I could end any kind of violence to me by the power of my own strength God give me at the age of 12. While others remained weak and hence dependent far beyond such age and some even far into their twenties - God gave me total freedom early in my teenage years and full control over my school and professions I selected and changed as needed and wanted to experience even more of this very planet .

I was spoiled because God gave me hectares to work on, tons to harvest and tons of materials to load or unload unto trucks or move to earn my money for my living already early in my early teenage years. God spoiled me by having others paying for construction sites and factories I was allowed to work on - summer or winter when ever I needed work to feed from and live of. God spoiled me by letting me find any kind of qualified or unqualified factory or construction job whenever I returned home to my native country after one of my long adventures working abroad to earn more money for continuing education and vocational training I needed to keep on progressing in life and learning more.

God let me be born in a country where I could enjoy years of school and even 3 years of high school - he spoiled me by letting me learn to read and write - and by knowing me how to read and write I knew how to learn all the rest needed for life on my very own - self study without the need of waste for graduation, colleges, universities, just on my own ... I understand that many are so poor in their will power and spirit that they appear to have to learn all that at colleges and schools, they may have totally overseen or forgotten that they too may have been spoiled with the God given ability to learn on their own, all at their own expenses, always paid in advance cash, to always be free from banks and mortgages or loans or overcharged credit cards .. to reach whatever goal they want by preparing and learning and achieving all the qualifications needed on their own from their own self earned savings without any dependency on parents or society.

I have been far more spoiled, because God gave me in my early childhood already WORK I saw and could do to be useful in many ways - work around me possible to do with the many resources around and inside me - ... because I have been spoiled to the maximum - God gave me one left and one right arm with hands - five fingers on each hand !! - I saw people in India who lost all their fingers due to greed ( greed leads to leprosy - hence they lose the tools abused for greed instead of being used for work ) to work, God gave me one left and one right leg with feet to walk on - thousands of miles they walked to work and to school and for fun as well. God gave me a healthy common sense - being FAR more valuable than any doctor degree or engineering degree, he gave me healthy 5 basic senses in addition to healthy and refined intuition ...

My physical mother was far less spoiled - she turned slowly into blind starting her early twenties - she was too cruel and too much fooling around with others. She practiced too much cruelty with humans and animals to have time enjoying to be spoiled like me. She also got her ovaries and uterus removed step by step - because she persistently refused any love and sex to her husband ( who would have been her soul mate ). Instead of being allowed to love many months she was allowed to to to hospital for months and months many times all life long - she was far less spoiled than me ?? !! Or she never realized how much she was spoiled because she may have focused too much on EGO rather than on others happiness and love for all ... she also had only 5 years of elementary school - my physical father some 8 years of elementary school. Hence they had to work much MORE and harder than me to learn how to learn - I learned all I needed for a successful AND healthy happy life at school before the age of 16 while many others have to learn to work by self study much later ... At the age of 16 I have been given the divine gift of being allowed to work for my living and hence to be free for the remainder of my present life - to do whatever I want to do - and as a result to finally progress spiritually and succeed early in this lifetime.

I am spoiled because I look up into the sky and I see sun light or the stars more often than clouds or rain, there has been a time - 10 years until my age 20 - on a small mountain farm in my native country when each winter for about four and a half months we had no sunlight touching our farm ... and I remember a time working in Africa - Zaire - with more than 3 months only clouds and zero direct sunlight .... and when I turn on my water faucet, I have always fresh and clean water running, sometimes it is even drinking quality but at least pure to wash, for cooking and to take a shower inside my apartment.

I am spoiled because I can afford drinking water since many decades while drinking water for hundreds of millions of the poorest ones is FAR out of their household budget and ground water from outside their house is so polluted that sooner or later they all turn ill just as a matter of drinking or cooking polluted water.

I am spoiled because for more than 2 years now I always had a bed and mattress and even a pillow and daily food while millions out there among you are starving nearly to death. When my parents married all they had was straw to sleep on ... until they worked harder to buy their own house later on and a larger farm later on, ... they always paid cash from the money they earned with their hard work they self studied, ... and I was spoiled to be allowed to see how someone with little elementary school can earn ten thousands of $ a month after a while - and lose it almost all during divorce after a life empty of love !! Whatever survived their divorce has been spent more or less for medical treatment needed - after a life empty of love ... THEY never had Internet to learn about God and love, nor did it ever occur to them to learn abut love - until LATE late in their old age, ... they have never been spoiled with the desire to learn to love like God ...

I am a spoiled child of God because I have access to the Internet - like you ... !!! and with the ability to read and write - like you !!!

Out there on this planet are BILLIONS still being separated from any true public information !!! In china, in Africa, in Arab countries, in south America, ...

A few moments ago I saw that visitors from some 204 countries came to the Cyberspace Ashram during this month and from the weeks of intense work to optimize the Cyberspace Ashram with more search engines - I know that there are still many countries being under full censorship and control by others. 204 countries accessing the CA means another similar number of countries separated from free information ... Many are less spoiled than YOU and ME even these days and years !! Are you FAR less spoiled than me ?

I am spoiled because even in my early teenage years God made newspapers available to ME - I found Job offers even long before I had any professional qualifications - hence I have been allowed to have a look at these secrets in the newspapers - what secrets ?? JOB offers !! What are OTHERS looking for - what do others need to be done, what are trends for jobs, ... highly valuable secrets on your way to earthly success !

With these secrets revealed to me - I learned to acquire such qualifications as needed for the jobs being offered. it was that simple but only possible because God spoiled me with free access to affordable newspaper !!! And with books to read and learn and hence acquire skills and knowledge for such jobs out there ....

i looked what companies where LOOKING for - then I studied other papers and magazines and resources from government - even in later years in my twenties - and I thought by myself - if I learn what they are looking for - then I get one of these jobs .... because OF COURSE I failed to HAVE the qualification at that time for ANY of these jobs offered ... hence since I was spoiled by having the gift of TWO healthy viewing eyes - and ALL fully developed senses as well despite a seriously ill and more ill growing family - I LEARNED - self study prepaid cash from myself earned money whatever they required to get whatever job I applied for ... and one times I did NOT get one particular job - because shortly later I got a MUCH better job !

I am spoiled - because God let accidents happen in my life to this body and healed them ALL again in due time - they were disastrous to my body and doctors sometimes said that's it now for life ... pain and limits for life ??? God has spoiled me with zero pain and full freedom to move a healthy body when I was born except that I hit the bottom of my mothers bed during delivery because doctor and father chatted outside and no one took care of my mothers delivery until it happened already - fortunately maybe if you look at the mechanical deliveries often practiced by mechanical fathers and doctors ... - hence after all my accidents I decided to opt in for God's plan - to be FREE but hat only is possible if I am HEALTHY and allowed to WORK for my living - and after each of my accidents I grew stronger than ever before - at the age of 20 or so I decided to no longer need any accidents to grow stronger.

I am spoiled because since more than 2 years I have a nice room to live and work wherever I go, usually with electricity, sometimes even cable TV, running water INSIDE my apartment, always at natural temperature - hence I can safe $ for heating or cooling the water before taking shower !!! I remember there were times we had to go outside to get a bucket of water for cooking or washing, in 2000 and 2001 and earlier in my life ! When I look outside - I see flowers outside my balcony, jungle in the back of my shower and smiling faces in my neighborhood AND cats and dogs and many other FREE animals around my place AND smiling happy children who are allowed to life like me - in freedom - without Kindergarden or day-care centers, many of them even breast fed by their loving mothers ( my mother of course had no breast milk like ALL greedy AND stingy mothers ) ... they are allowed to play until late evening into darkness and smile, and have fun and be happy - under the direct supervision of GOD. Near their loving earthly parents .. and I am spoiled to be allowed to enjoy all this happiness around me !!!

I am spoiled because God gave me the gift to love nature the way nature grows - hence I am free of any desire to let trees grow in any particular artificial shape or size, I can love the dogs and cats and all other animals the way God lets them grow for me ( and YOU ! ) in wild freedom outside in wild forests and in wild jungles next to my home.

God knows ALL my wishes I never say nor wish ... God knows I love bakery, fresh natural sweets and cakes or nice fresh crispy WHITE bread, ... and he lets someone invest in a new bakery ( Swiss bakery ) since my last stay here ... and now I even have a bakery in my own village with some of my preferred fresh tasty self made ( as opposed to machine made ) cakes and cookies !! For a honest price affordable to any hard working person being paid by a honest salary.

I am spoiled because since years when I breath air - it is fresh natural air - no aircon, no chemicals, nor artificial air freshener needed, it is purified air by God ! Always the right temperature to neither need heating nor aircon - always some 30+ C with a few exceptions. and often a sweet smell of the many tropical flowers around me ...

I am so spoiled with so many loving people and smiling faces around me - happy to see me come again and wishing me good things and to come back when I leave them for a while. I am spoiled because I have vegetables and rice and potatoes I can buy in my own village, and fruits and ingredients, and spices ( like hot chili pepper - I love it hot and spicy or sweet !!! ) all within walking distance - all in my own village or within less than a day 10 km away wherever I am in the Philippines..

I am spoiled by the freedom to life wherever I love to life, by being able to work wherever I live, ... by being free of the desire to drive away from my own karma or ego each weekend - because God has spoiled me with INNER peace and love - inside and outside. He even spoiled me so much that he keeps all mosquitoes away from me - human mosquitoes as well - while others either need a body guard or mosquito coil to be "protected" I am spoiled to enjoy love and work all the time in open air or open doors when ever I like !

There are far more ways I am spoiled than the above mentioned ones -

these are just some of the truly important ones on this physical planet during this physical life.

How about YOU - are you as spoiled in all your life as I am or are you forgotten by my father ? If yes then let me know please and I may forward your complaints ... but SOME may be even equally spoiled ?? a very few others even more - and they still complain ...

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