Children's greatest gift to parents

The greatest gift to parents is your own happiness

We all are children - children of parents HERE on earth as well as children of God.

The greatest gift all - children can make to their parents - to their parents in heaven AND on earth - is to grow up, be free and accept full responsibility for all their life. To really be IN CHARGE of their own lives and live their freedom.

Truly loving parents want you to be happy - your way

It is of no importance to truly loving parents whether you are rich or poor, high teach or farmer, politician or priest, ... BUT it matters whether you are happy or NOT ! Whether you have a happy partner or NOT - having a happy partner proofs to your parents that you have learned to love and learned to make decisions out of wrong directions into loving ones.

A truly smiling face from deep inside - with smiling eyes is the only true proof that you are happy

A smiling face - smiling eyes - is the very greatest gift you ever can give your parents - heavenly and earthly ones. As truly loving parents ONLY care about YOU being happy - however YOU want to be happy is your free own choice !

Be happy - and proof it with your smile - and if you have difficulties in being happy NOW - then have the courage to make the necessary changes in your life or relationship to allow you being happy.

It's Christmas time - time to bring your gift of love home to your parents ... your parents in heaven as well as your parents on earth ... its time to bring your own personal happiness as a gift to your parents. Your own happiness is all you ever need to give to your parents - only those having no happiness to bring feel the need to bring material gifts.

it's all about love - Christmas is about love only - your love.

Happiness is nothing else but the proof that your love is flowing !

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