Contagious diseases

Mankind fears bacteria and virus - such as the very recent SARS cases. Because of fear of such virus mankind pays any price to avoid such diseases. Even the price of self-isolation or restriction of freedom to travel. During such situations like the recent SARS situation, humans very fast recognize the truly important travel and instantly refrain from all else - from all monkey business travel !! Because of such virus mankind accepts any limits in freedom movement and joy of life.

Vaccines against karma ?

Science has created "protection" by the means of vaccines - and mankind pays any price to search for, invent and receive such "protection"-vaccines.

In reality each and every such virus and bacteria however is man made and a very direct result of karma and disharmony to God's divine and eternal and absolute laws of LOVE. No vaccine ever can protect from the aura of an violent one, or a dying one or a thief. Yet such illnesses as dying, stealing, violence, betraying, .. they ALL are contagious as well - and far more efficient and widespread than most bacteria and virus.

Every aura is contagious - beware who is within your aura !

Aura - the permanent widespread radiation of all mankind's thoughts, emotions, intentions, ... is contagious !!!

That also means LOVE is contagious if love is all you have in your aura. A loving aura always is uplifting, freeing, healing - a fearing or otherwise ill aura always DOWN-PULLING.

If your aura is full of tormenting, stormy, sweet and wild divine love - then the person within your aura risks of getting and being HAPPY - and never ill and never bored again for eternity !!

First always is the inside - the spiritual part of a disease - first is the thought to harm others, to betray others, to steal from others, to rape or suppress others. By raping I mean different kind of raping than the sexual one known. By raping I mean the conscious misleading and misguiding into wrong and selfish directions of development and life. In society, politics and economy.

Fear is one of the greatest danger in contagious diseases

One of the greatest and most dangerous and most contagious diseases of all is FEAR. Fear of course is highly contagious and highly destructive. Fear can only life and exist and spread in the total absence of God, whoever fears has zero honest love and zero honest loyalty to God and zero honest faith in LOVE - the fearing one is the one who has CAUSED repeatedly and fully consciously so much karma that he fears his very own karma to bounce back to him at any moment and any place. The fearing one PROOFS with his fear to be a betrayer of God and proofs to be empty of true love toward ALL.

How to free yourself from fear ?

What can YOU do to prevent fear within YOURSELF ?

YOU can PROOF the willingness and readiness to LEARN to love - you can PRACTICE true love HERE and NOW on earth - among all humans AND among ALL creation - including animals and nature. Perfect divine love with ZERO exceptions !!!

To practice divine love is the only remedy to stop fear and be free and happy again

To practice and PROOF true love as taught in the Cyberspace Ashram is the only way for the fearful to experience the fruits of LOVE - to FIRST proof YOUR love toward ALL will automatically result in YOURSELF receiving more and more love from more and more people and to also experience more and more forgiveness from OTHERS toward you. As a practicing lover you will sooner or later experience the absolute love FROM God and hence proof to your self that love is the only solution resulting in eternal and absolute peace of mind within YOURSELF.

Stay away from the fearful and give him a chance to heal himself

What can you do when you have cowards around you - people who fear again and again - anything or everything ?

Fear IS contagious unless YOU have true and absolute faith in God and unless YOU HAVE already proven LOVE toward MANY and continue to do so.

To make your life more enjoyable and more comfortable and easier on YOUR path of love to God - you can stay at distance from any one having fear around you and search the vicinity of true ones, of loving ones of loyal ones.

To heal your fears - you need peace and quietness to talk with God

The fearing one needs time and full isolation from others for a while - for hours or days or years - again and again until he cleared his heart and karma ! He needs time to think about his behavior and attitude, to think about his past feelings toward others, to pray and clear his relationship with God. He needs peaceful time to become aware about his true goals, his past true and lasting achievements, about his true feelings toward God and ALL, he needs PEACE to get clarity and an opportunity to FEEL what is better or best rather than being among a tormenting environment. The fearing one needs HIS freedom to slowly but efficiently OPEN his heart and START in small baby steps to LOVE - to experience love and that is best done after an extended while of isolation. ... because in isolation HE - the fearing one will get HUNGRY for love.

Isolation of the fearful leads to his increasing hunger for love and hence of his awareness of the importance of true love

Isolation will show him how badly he really NEEDS love - love from OTHERS - from the ones he earlier betrayed, from the ones he earlier may have killed in previous incarnations, ...

In isolation HE - the fearing one - will realize that without OTHERS and without YOUR love - his life is empty and without YOU he will be NOTHING. He will start craving for love and the more he craves for true divine love - the more courageous he will get - courageous to LOVE. A coward even needs courage to give LOVE or to accept love !

Your life without the fearing coward will be far much easier than your life without SARS, bacteria or other viruses. Give him a chance to get clear within - to love and to APPROACH YOU with his active fully developed divine love - later when he has cleared his heart and his karma - at his pace.

The brave one is full of love - and hence protected against all by HIS love - and by God's love

Humans may create or invent vaccines against physical manifestations of inner - spiritual - diseases - but may never be protected against the original cause of such physically manifested disease UNLESS mankind has learned to LOVE in full - all - like a true and sincere child of God. Only LOVE can truly protect, only love can truly heal - only love can truly make free of fear. Flowing, active love. Only Love can prevent YOUR karma from bouncing back to you. But the fearing one is the one to PRACTICE and PROOF such love - in all situations given to him - and he has to proof LOVE and LOYALTY to God and all beloved children of God. THEN HE will be free again from his fears - because he then will be free again of the karma he fears to bounce back onto him.

The amount of fear within a person is directly proportional to the amount of destructive karma within that person - caused BY that person

The more fear someone has - the more karma that one has. His karma is HIS "business" - to clean up HIS karma HIMSELF will make HIM feel GOOD and make him a strong and eternal lover. Those needing weapons to "defend" or "protect" themselves have the greatest fear because they already have the greatest karma. The more they use their weapons against humans - the more karma they accumulate - and the greater the fear - see Iraq war and Afghanistan war - and the more they spend on MORE weapons until they go broke - bankruptcy and then left without $ and without the means of purchasing NEW or MORE weapons - they have to face all their mess and ... they have to learn to forgive and to love - else they will die of heart attack or stroke or Alzheimer or similar SELF CREATED diseases as a result of FEAR and violence and destructive behavior. Since they FEAR death - they eventually face the opportunity to start learning to LOVE. And in the face of death as a result of their fear they even may start to PAY to God - to finally FEEL LOVE from God flowing into them - they will feel relief and peace of mind and truly start to be convinced that among all the options of warfare, fight, retaliation, killing others, putting their karma into prison, ... LOVE may be the easiest and cheapest "weapon" and solution - affordable to all nations at zero tax increase !

"Great nations" - "Great countries" ...

Even "great" nations or "Great" countries can go bankrupt - and learn to love some day !!!

Each nation is the SUM of its people and each people has the government it "deserves" for the spiritual lessons needed !!!

The ancient Romans - Caesar & Co - wanted to be a great nation - and now they are tiny little and learning to love INSIDE their borders and STARTING to solve their very OWN internal political and economic problems within their own country - to some degree at least - rather than to search distraction from their own problems in the outside world.

Napoleon also was ill of "great" ideas - now France is tiny little country struggling for INNER political and economical peace and to some degree for bare survival in a healthy economy.

Other "great" politicians of the past centuries AND of present times have similar nightmares and dreams - .. their ideas are contagious among all the NON-loving ones, among all those separated from God. Until they learn - because destructive behavior always is expensive and always is fatal. ALL ego humans on earth always die. Ego always is self-destructive. Hence NO need to fight any ego - if it dies anyway !!!

Just focus on YOUR spiritual progress - and God will take care of all other ones - with LOVE and solutions of love - until all is loving again.

By purchasing healthy ones - you never manage to heal yourself

There is but ONE sure, efficient and safe way to heal yourself from all diseases and fear - to LOVE YOURSELF

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