When something is created or happens the very first time in eternity

Your creations made with all your love from the depth of your heart are a direct manifestation of your love

When you do - create - something, as a gift of love for one of your beloved children ...

Then after having finished your creation of love, you may have doubts about its usefulness or beauty. But your child who received your gift of love may love it above all because it is made b y YOU and made with YOUR love - hence your gift of love is a direct manifestation - a materialization of YOUR love for your child.

Your creations made of love only always are loved by all your loved ones - even if these gifts lack perfection

When you may still have doubts and even think of destroying and replacing such gifts with something different - possibly better, your child may be happy and love your first creation - because it was YOUR love that made it and your gift of love is most valuable for your loving child. Hence your child may ask you to keep and preserve your initial creation. Your child may enjoy it - even if if may be less perfect than that gift made and given any time later. Your child sees the love you have invested doing it - and that love is of INFINITE value to your beloved one.

God's first born son

When God made his very first child - made to his image his first born son - he enjoyed that one very much - and that child asked for other creatures to be made - just like all your children may ask YOU for toys, pets or brothers and sisters - to play with and to live and be happy with. To love and to be loved by. And when things went wrong - his first born still was attached to the gifts created by his beloved father - because he LOVED his father and everything his father EVER made and he asked for grace and mercy toward all those having failed. He asked for love and another and another and another new chance in eternal life - again and again whenever they failed again - because he loves ALL creation and creatures made by God - as they have been gifts of love - to make happy and made of love only - of God's love !

In eternity and infinity there always is something to be learned - even by God

As God learned about and saw such love - he ask for prove of his son's love - and his son provided proof of his love for all AND for his father in FULL - on the cross - loving all and loving his father above all to prove truthfulness and sincerity of his love for all - and thereafter God extended his love toward ALL the very same way as his first one did.

Extend your love toward all you have asked for and that is given to you - and proof your love

May YOUR love toward all YOU have asked for be as almighty and TRUE as God's love for you - because without all others around you on this planet and beyond - YOU may be bored and lonely for eternity - having no one to love you - to play with you - to be loved by you ... to share with you - to receive from you and to give to you - love and all gifts of love you enjoy and wish. They all are a direct manifestation of God's love for all.

Every day shall be Christmas day - eternally - because every day is a day to love and forgive and restart in full - with love

Everyday is Christmas time - time to make happy, to forgive and ask forgiveness - and above all to make happy - ALL. Proof YOUR love toward all by extending your love toward all - including toward all those who have failed again and again. Because one day they all will succeed to love like God - with your loving help as a direct result of your loving spiritual progress.

YOU are made to the image of God

Many of our daily manifested patterns of behavior still are a direct reflection of God's divine behavior and patterns and God's love. Other manifestations of your present personality may be purely selfish ego behavior - while many or much still may be a reflection of your own divinity - your own image of God within - as inherited long time ago. A FULL image of our divinity - our image of God - is within ALL of us !!! Find your own manifestation of God's love and strengthen them in all daily situations. Learn to understand the why and how of God's creation - it may help YOU to better understand the true NEED for your spiritual progress and for the NEED to truly develop divine love within YOUR own self and your physical body as well. learn to find your surviving manifestations of all divine aspects and enforce them to fully manifest in all situations of your daily life. Turn your present personality into a divine direct manifestation of selfless divinity - HERE and NOW on earth to proof your love toward ALL.

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