Loyalty to God

God is loyal to you

God ALWAYS and eternally has been and will be true to you - whatever you have done, are doing or will be doing. God always spends a substantial amount of efforts, energy and resources creating solutions of love for YOU - for all misguided ones, all lost ones - as well as for all those ready and willing to be an active part of creation ant thus to assist God in his divine plans - NOW - here on earth.

God always loves you - has always loved you and shall always love you
God always is, has been and will be loyal to you - eternally.
While millions of humans have betrayed God or still betray God - God has never ever betrayed any of his children !

Spiritual lessons presented by God

EVERY lesson, every new chance God ever creates for you costs efforts - energy - and also costs money. ALL physical lessons presented to mankind always cost physical energy - hence also money - even if such lessons are created by God directly - these lessons then are presented to you by humans who pay such situations out of their own income - in the name of God.

All physical lessons created by God and offered to mankind on earth are paid by those true to God - by those who promised God to help him, to be loyal to him and create happiness among all creation. They spend their money in the name of God - and earn it in the name of God - for the benefit of all those who still need lessons to get out of their cycle or reincarnation and to get out of their world of illusion, mistrust, warfare, retaliation, justice, karma and prejudice - to find their way into the world of LOVE.

Your loyalty to God

Loyalty to God includes to instantly accept all such valuable lessons that are presented on a almost daily basis to all - for the benefit of ALL. Wasting such lessons and opportunities to grow free and loving - is very similar to ordering a set meal just for taking the soup and then throwing away all the remainder of that set meal. ALL meal - all parts of that set meal have been grown, created, prepared with love, real work and true efforts by some people - and wasting such substantial parts means wasting divine resources. Wasting or rejecting part or all of the lessons and learning situations created by God also means wasting most valuable resources that have been created AND paid by God and all those helping God in true love for all creation.

Loyalty to God always also must include your loyalty to all humans - all loved ones and all lost ones. True loyalty to God always includes true direct and efficient help to all in need. Loyalty to God also includes your full acceptance of any, all and every help offered by God - directly or indirectly to you. Indirect help from God always is offered by those having committed their lives in full to God to reestablish peace and love among all creation.

Your loyalty to God includes your love for your family and friends

Your loyalty to God of course also and always must include your true and sincere willingness to make your God given earthly partner and all your family and friends and all needy and lost ones on earth and beyond as happy as possible - with all your heart, body and soul - with all the divine potential God has given to you. Because your partner, children, family, friends and ALL other humans and all creation are beloved creatures and children of God. Loving them means loving God, being loyal to them means loyalty to God - however betraying them or lying to them means betraying lying to God.

Imagine eternal paradise at home in God - again with one or several betrayers among us - all that has happened before would happen again - the split of all creation and another BILLIONS of years of loving work to heal all creation again - in love and nothing but love ! However - on the path to God - ALL must prove beyond even the smallest doubt true sincere love and loyalty before being able to return home and before being one with all again - NOW and HERE on earth ! A disaster like the first one is to happen one single times in all eternity and never thereafter again. We all - including God - are learning for eternity. We all - including God love to be truly happy for eternity - in eternal peace - ONLY LOVE for ever and ever. How easy would it have been for God to totally dissolve all - and re-create all again in a different way after the split of all ... YET his love for all of us made him

God will reward you for all your efforts for him and loyalty to him

All those helping God - here and now - will be rewarded by God directly - after they return home. Because no wealth on earth ever can pay for such efforts of love you do here on earth - only God's divine eternal love for you can "refund" for your loyalty, love and help proven to him here on earth or beyond.

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