Meaning of loyalty
Importance of loyalty

Loyalty is one of our highest achievement in our earthly and eternal spiritual personality.

Loyalty means being absolutely true to all at all times in all and any circumstances. Being true to our living partner, children, family members and relatives.

Being true to all our friends, employees, employers, neighbors, ..

Being true to all those who ever help or assisted us in any way. Those who have provided for all the goods and conveniences of life we ever enjoyed or simply needed for life, ...

Above all - loyalty means being fully true to God and all divine principles of LOVE at all times ! Loyalty means being true to all even in the darkest or most dangerous hours of eternal life.

loyalty means rather to die in love for God than to betray God

Loyalty means rather dying and giving all - your life, property, even your physical body - rather than betraying anyone - even a single one.

And for all those who have been our enemies, or failed to help us in even the smallest way, we will learn to ask for grace and mercy and forgive them in full ... - because we all have failed many times to help others and be loyal to others when they needed our loyalty or help of any kind.

It's very easy to die in true loyalty and love to all and to God, and it may be very hard to die as betrayer, coward or liar.

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