Your health is a direct manifestation of your innermost spiritual being in your physical body. If your health is damaged - by accident or illness - then your mental, emotional and spiritual being is damaged as well because your ego has prevented your spirituality to fully manifest IN your physical body.

When you allow your innermost God created spirituality to fully develop and clearly and freely manifest IN your physical body, in all your physical action - then your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health always is perfect.

Any deviation from perfect health and strength always is a warning and proof of spiritual DISHARMONY between you - your actions, thoughts and emotions - and God.

Any person suffering in any way should consider this as feedback and use such suffering as a motivation to change behavior, attitude and to further develop spirituality and tune in with the divine innermost God given nature within by doing what is coming from DEEP inside rather than doing what is imposed by the outside material world. Learn to to what you really LOVE to do. Learn to do what REALLY makes YOU happy - because that is what makes others happy as well and hence tunes you in with the divine nature of all of us. OUR divine nature wants to socialize, to enjoy family - and in God we all are family - ONE family.

If you have fully crushed your health - then you may have to fully change ALL inside and outside of you - your attitude toward all including toward God. The more severe your illness or accidents - the more severe are the changes NEEDED within you.

A spiritually happy person always has a smile - a mystic smile from deep inside - never the loud laughter outside caused by ego and tension.

Health is the result of spiritual development and spiritual beauty

A spiritually happy person always is healthy !!!

The most beautiful gift you ever can give to God, to others and your partner is a mystic smile from deep inside.

All children and babies can do so - and YOU ? Be like children ! Then you can smile again. Find out what children are doing BETTER than adults and learn from them - and pay them for teaching you - with YOUR smile and mystic LOVE.

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