Your mind and ego

if you have anything else in mind than making OTHERS happy - day after day, months after months - every hour of your eternal life, then you are still playing ego game and on your best way to get lost again or remain lost and separated for another while.

EVERY truly spiritual being at home has but ONE thing in mind, one goal and one priority - to make happy ! all others !

the truly loving never thinks of self but of the wellbeing of all all the time - making all happy automatically leads to your very own happiness. making happy requires infinite love to flow constantly through you - THAT constant flow of love through you makes you happy if that love from you is intended to make others happy.

if however YOU worry about your own happiness and wellbeing - then you take away the joy of others to be allowed to care for you, to love you and make you happy.

only extreme ego worries about self, fears death, accidents or illness and admires own picture in mirror or photos. if you worry about yourself - then your mind is with you and you are "occupied" with your very own love - hence no space within you for love from others, no space for care from others for you if you are preoccupied with your very own ego.

get used to make at least one or more OTHER persons besides and beyond your very own family happy each day - shift all your attention toward the improvement of happiness and wellbeing of all others - then YOU will progress fastest possible on your path of love home to God. and for your very own family - do something very special each day for an extended period of time - take time for LOVING them all - several hours each day.

many egos realize how much they actually loved their family after they have lost their family by death or divorce - such experience of love however is a painful and needless lesson if you practice love in abundance with all and for all.

make sure YOU are the one to make YOUR family and particular also your very own partner happy - else you may become obsolete and replaceable. in your family as well as in society and creation. a truly loving soul however is and remains eternally unique like a flower and will always be an attraction for others hungry for love and care. may your love become so strong to be felt across all planet and beyond - then you may always be in the heart of all those open for your love.

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