Next time ...
When is next time ?

how many of our companions, employees, customers, suppliers or partners in life are sometimes hard to take with all the ego-behavior ? How often are you ready to quit and go but you change your mind only on the basis of their promises to do better "next time"

promises are like soap bubbles - colorful outside and empty inside !

facts from your present and / or past experiences however are full of content. you should learn to always make all your decisions based on FACTS and never based on empty promises.

look at your database of facts and practical experiences:

ego is tricky and people on this planet have sometimes played the same tricks with changing or even same partner over the course of hundreds and thousands of years, dozens of incarnations have been wasted making empty promises, cheating others, living from others, playing ill or weak, pretending and being a soap bubble empty of anything and even more empty of love and strength for OTHERS.

loving others also requires from you to stop accepting their ego as a given fact and to know that every honest person can change almost entirely within less than 5-6 years in all its behavior ! with all major changes being easily possible within the first few months. never accept age or whatever excuses as a justification for ego. never accept "my boss told me", "my boss wants me", my employer forces me", ... and similar excuses for their behavior !! every person is his very own boss - made to the image of God with absolute freedom to do what they want to do - and every person is in a company or with an employer that supports either his spiritual goal best or protects his ego best. EGO CAN be dissolved at any age, by any person - even handicapped ones !

when you rely in your life, family life, business life, sport, or where ever on empty promises, then YOU may be left behind at the end of this very incarnation - once again - at the same point as before and waiting for "next time" to occur.

if however you really want to progress spiritually, then you need to build ALL your decisions on facts, on hard solid facts based on the very present situation and based on past development of your life and situation. nothing else but true real facts shall be the basis of any decision !!! then you will progress and make you way home - alone or with a partner who performs rather than promises, a partner who delivers solid performance and progress rather than soap bubbles that vanish when looked at or needed.

God will take care of those who want to improve, change, perform or drop ego "next time" - your divine right is to BE happy and to progress NOW ! it is YOUR divine right to spiritually progress as fast as possible NOW ! it is YOUR divine right that your "next time" is in heaven, in God, at home - rather than here on earth or elsewhere - where soap bubbles are bumping into each other.

the longer you allow the ego to succeed, the more of YOUR time is wasted and the longer you have to wait yourself to be eternally happy. be a challenge for all your beloved ones - and allow them to perform NOW rather than continuing their promise "next time ..."!

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