Love and make happy - NOW these very moments

or change your attitude and change your partner - now these very moments

The more you focus on God and Love, the more more you learn how to love your partner and the better you know how to make happy.

ALL - including your partner.

ALL - including God.

If you know how to make your partner happy,
then you know how to make GOD happy. Because your partner is a DIVINE gift from God FOR YOU ....

God is happy when ALL are happy.

When you MAKE your partner happy - when ALL make THEIR partner happy, then ALL are happy, including God !

Each partner has a DIVINE RIGHT to be MADE happy, to BE happy, ... because GOD has a divine right to be made and to be happy.

Now - these very moments !

if you however fail to WANT to make your partner happy these very moments, then you may have either the wrong attitude or the wrong PARTNER.

If you feel to have the WRONG PARTNER, then you may have refused earlier to accept and love the ONE partner GOD gave you - the ONE who WANTS to MAKE YOU happy ... for THIS lifetime or eternally.

Then YOU may have to change your ATTITUDE and your PARTNER -

NOW these very moments !

if however this present partner WANTS to MAKE you happy while you fail to have this true and sincere innermost desire to MAKE your partner happy ...

Now these very moments,

then YOU may simply have failed to fully forgive, to fully dissolve in love what ONCE separated you. you may have failed to drop the cause AGAINST your PRESENT partner God gave you, you may have failed to LEARN from the past ...

to learn and FULLY understand the importance of TRUE love.

LOVE is improved by focusing on love and practicing LOVE.

God is love ...

Love is improved by focusing on GOD, and opening FOR God, as God's divine love can heal and dissolve whatever separates you from your partner.

if you want to love,

if you want to make happy,

if you want to be happy.

do YOU want to MAKE your partner happy ???

NOW these very moments !

if YES - then do it - THESE very moments,

else ...

surrender your partner to GOD so God can guide your partner to the right one who wants to make happy

- THESE very moments,

to allow another one to MAKE your partner happy

- THESE very moments !!!

because GOD has a divine right to be happy THESE very moments ...

because GOD has a divine right that there is peace and love - THESE very moments and for eternity.

WE ALL have a divine right that there is PEACE and LOVE - these very moments and for eternity,

because we all are like God, children of the divine, made to his image - to love and to be loved.

NOW - THESE very moments.


How to make happy

Many steps in many situations of life - you find all steps on ow to make happy here in the Cyberspace Ashram - see bottom links. But the key point for a start on how to make happy are:

How to make happy - step 2

Fully accept all your partner's love

Giving all your love is part one to make you partner fully happy - accepting all love is part 2 of equal importance for your partners true and fullest happiness !

Say YES to all the love your partner offers you. Fully accept, absorb and enjoy his love ! NOW and for ever and ever !!!

God is Love

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God is Love

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