Take me

many years ago, one day very late in the year as I passed in my garden by one of my most favorite roses toward the house, the rose said to me: "take me". it was an angelpink rose, very beautiful and with an angel like fragrance and I enjoyed her beauty very much and even made a powerful flower medicine out of one blossom. her color was almost white with a gentle touch of pink.

how could I pick her, take her, so beautiful and made made to enjoy ALL ! ? so I went into the house, leaving her in the garden

next day morning we had the first snow of that winter and she was gone - her last blossom frozen and death. she knew that in advance and she just wanted to stay in my room to extend the days she could give me joy and love - because that was her only purpose of life !

to live or to die never was an option for her - to please and make happy was her only goal and purpose in life and I understood my father's lesson.

how many times do YOU say "take me" to the one who loves you ?

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