Youth and beauty

Youth and beauty are like a rose, needing sunlight (=spiritual love) and water (=physical love) every day - in a natural, clean, caring and loving environment

youth and beauty are like a rose

the purpose of a rose is to please and make happy, to be beautiful and give joy - to others !

a rose without daily sunlight and water will loose all her beauty within days, will expire and die - just like your beauty and youth may last forever or die these very days

depending whether you are a source of joy to others every day and hence love is truly flowing TROUGH you, because YOU want OTHERS to enjoy what you are and what you have to give or whether your very only purpose is to enjoy yourself what you are and have.

there should be ONE very near you - these very seconds - having a divine right to get and enjoy all you have and are to assure that your youth and beauty lasts forever !

near meaning ONE with you inside your heart as well as skin to skin in your physical body

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