Recognize and accept your lessons and challenges in life

there is no need to search for difficulties or additional lessons to spiritually grow in life. but there is a need to fully recognize and fully accept all lessons your life is offering you NOW.

the lessons your life is offering you are exactly what you need most urgently to spiritually grow stronger and free yourself out of the cycle of karma and reincarnation.

just think of the many uncomfortable things in your life - exactly these things, persons, meetings, activities in life you always try to postpone, delay, avoid or reject - these are EXACTLY YOUR lessons God gives you day by day as much and as intense as you really can successfully manage to handle for your own spiritual benefit and growth.

as you successfully complete ONE set of lessons in life - God will give you the next set of challenges and lessons for the next step. if however you delay the accomplishments of your lessons for "next" year or any time "later", then you are on your very best way to call for a next incarnation here on earth !

if however you accomplish THIS very minute and at any price/expenses the lessons you are NOW aware of - then and only then you have the very best chance to make THIS incarnation your very last one for eternity.

when thinking of expenses or price to be paid for one particular lesson - always compare that cost to the total cost of ONE additional incarnation ... and you will see that even a several months lasting journey across this very planet, to get in peace with another culture or person, appears very cheap compared to another full lifetime on earth with all its problems, sufferings and total cost of living to be earned by hard and honest work included in every incarnation !!!

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