One finished job in one lifetime

Most of our lives consist of unfinished jobs - smaller or greater ones

unfinished jobs because we use watch

we use watch to make appointments

because of appointments we stop present job - finish or not

to proceed to next job

and next job we stop - finish or not - because of following appointment - finish or not never mind - because we have watch, we rush from appointment to appointment - to our next unfinished job to come ...

then one day - much later - we restart from the very beginning - to run from one unfinished job to next unfinished job to limit or reduce the damage done by the many unfinished jobs .. until ONE lifetime is over and our last journey begins ...

on the search of our unfinished previous jobs - we suddenly realize that often our attempt to correct is too late - because the OTHER person died already or moved away - out of sight, into the unknown.

the very most efficient way to do a job - do it perfect the first time. then you are FREE to move onward to your truly next job !

a chain of unfinished jobs results in a life consisting of junk

and by the end of your life you may MISS something to bring to God ... something nice, cute, pretty, something that can make happy ... something made of LOVE ...

ONE finished job at least - from ONE full life time !

but where is THAT ONE finished job from decades of rushing around on this planet ?

if you have nothing else but ONE finished job ...

only love - nothing but love is the key to God

ONE finished job

knowing how to LOVE, how to make others happy, how to be happy - if to LOVE is all you can - no matter how simple your life, how little your income, how poor your housing, ..

if you have used all your decades - all life - to really learn and practice nothing else but to LOVE - then you have finished the single most important job in eternity.

later when you have more time because no more watch - then you may add some small but fine finished jobs as well - one by one - as a gift of love for God and all his children on earth or beyond.

BUT to love is the most beautiful job you ever can return to GOD !!!

when you know how to love, then you have learned ALL you ever need to learn for eternity to simply know how to love is the very absolute greatest of all and any achievements ever to be mastered. the only one that guarantees you eternal and ABSOLUTE freedom - free of ANY limits for eternity ! and all else can be given to you upon arrival at home - for free ... as a gift of LOVE from God to YOU. knowledge and power can only be given to those who know how to love - because love is the source and foundation of wisdom and wisdom is needed to use knowledge and power !

on this planet you have ONE lesson that is offered to you - in many ways - ... to LOVE - because ALL else serves but to PRESENT YOU the environment and situations to LEARN and PRACTICE that ONE lesson - TO LOVE !

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