Life is like a jigsaw puzzle

when you take a puzzle and throw a jigsaw puzzle into the wind, then you lose the picture.

. . . all pieces lost all over the place, you fail to recognize the true content of the picture

Just like most mortal humans are lost in the diversity of material distraction and temptations !

Life is truly like a puzzle . . .

is part of the divine "picture" of your life - part of all God-created lessons you need, to learn for the sole and single purpose of finding your way of love HOME in your life

sometimes you may be main actor

sometimes you may be main bystander in other people's lessons

sometimes you may be an absolutely necessary catalyst for other people's most important spiritual lessons . . .

Most urgently needed for another one's lesson AND progress - NEEDED without being used !

Learn to recognize EVERY single life-puzzle of YOUR life and learn to become fully and clearly aware of the exact meaning of EVERY single piece of YOUR life-puzzle !

The result and YOUR BENEFIT will be highest possible spiritual efficiency and a much smoother and more loving spiritual progress on your path of LOVE ! !

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