Always focus on solutions

When you solve all your problems immediately as they occur, then one day you will realize that there are no longer any problems in YOUR life, but only events to challenge YOU or to make YOUR LIFE more exciting and to let you grow stronger and wiser.

For every "problem" are thousands of most loving solutions to be discovered and APPLIED . . .

By YOU !

. . Who else ?

Instead of wasting your time thinking about "problems"

- always focus on finding or CREATING solutions

. . because a solution provider provides HAPPINESS and relief for others,

while those wasting their time thinking about "problems" are an annoyance and source of STRESS to OTHERS and SELF !

Focus on solutions to create solutions but learn from the cause of problems to avoid future same problems. If you spend time focusing on problems however you will be absorbing problem energy and damaging your own wellbeing and health.

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