Blossoming paradise

love is in humans like rain in a tropical garden.

love lets all grow, prosper and blossom - like the rain does with all flowers.

what would the rain be without a garden ...

what is love without someone open to receive and absorb it and convert love into happiness, joy and beauty in his life ...

make sure you have friends and a partner open for your love as your love is too valuable to be wasted in desert.

love can turn people into healers, like all flowers having beauty and healing power - so can all loving and loved humans be of healing nature for all those needing healing.

you too can be a healer - if those needing healing are open to fully accept and absorb all your love. all flowers absorb all necessary sunlight and water offered to develop all their healing power - so should all humans do as well. absorb all sunlight and all love offered to them by their friends and partner.

make sure you are living with a partner who is flushing you with an abundance of love for your own health, joy and happiness in your eternal life.

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