Do you remember ... ?

Learn to understand why it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard to remember a person's name ?

when people easily remember YOUR name - then because YOU may have given them true LOVE in one way or another as described here earlier - loving ones are always very easy to remember !

when YOU easily remember another person's name - then because THAT person has given you true love - you always remember the source of love in your life.

if however you have a hard time to remember names of particular persons - then because you may never have received any true love at all from that person no matter how many times you may have met !

there is two exceptions:

  1. you can FORCE your brain to remember a name.
  2. persons who have created extensive troubles or pain to you are easy to remember as well - negative karma creates a strong link between source and object !

causing problems to another person is just another exchange of love energy in a NON-loving EGO-way by those who have totally forgotten how to love as a result of increasing distance to God and increasing time away FROM God !

any exchange of energy BETWEEN two persons facilitates remembering and communication - the more loving the better for all.

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