The ocean and the mermaid

The relationship between husband and wife is like the relationship between the ocean and the mermaid !

Islands in the ocean

The ocean provides shelter and living environment to the mermaid and the mermaid feeds on the fruits of love of the ocean while the ocean enjoys the fruits of love of his mermaid.

What would the ocean BE without the splendor of all colorful fishes, starfishes, shellfishes, corals and the many beautiful miraculous creatures living INSIDE the ocean and FROM the ocean and FEEDING the ocean with joy of life and love ...

What would these most exciting and beautiful creatures living INSIDE and FROM the ocean be without the ocean ...

BOTH compliment each other - NEVER compete each other !

Such is the divine purpose of MAN and WOMEN in God's creation.

The man is the stronghold to give shelter and feed on the fruits of his divine love his wife given to him by God upon request of God's first born son and as fulfillment of his purpose of eternal life - to LOVE and to BE LOVE.

The wife with all her joyous divine love and magic gives color and content and happiness to her one and only.

Both are MADE for each other - to compliment each other and to give content and joy and love to their life AND TO GOD !!!

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