Learn to look at children from a different, holistic perspective

when parents look at their "own" children,
when adults look at children out in this world, ...

they all see a small body - hence assume a small person and (mis) treat children as immature, second class, irresponsible, subordinate, ...

Your home work and exercise for these coming days or weeks:

Look at the face of children - a few dozen only - ONE by ONE - each child several minutes.

just at the face !

forget all else, body, body size, age if known or guessed, ...

JUST focus on the face, on the EYES and the expression of the face when the child returns your look.

do you realize that MOST of the children look VERY old, very mature, and some even very LOVING and WISE ... ?

many of today's reincarnated children are far more evolved than THEIR own parents, more evolved spiritually !! hence more mature from the ABSOLUTE point of view.

children have a SMALL body - growing to become a host for the true innermost being - AN OLD and often extremely experience soul with millions or even BILLIONS of years of TRUE age and experience !

HOW do YOU treat children that might easily be millions of years OLDER and wiser and more experienced than YOU ??

with HUMBLE love ! like you would treat Jesus, or an angel or a king ...

with LOVE and full acceptance of THEIR own different being - made by GOD.

Some of the children may be different to the above - however they will most of the time reincarnate with truly spiritual parents - because SPIRITUAL parents are expected KNOW how to deal with difficult souls guided entirely by difficult karma - with LOVE and by being a living EXAMPLE for those children who NEED to learn.

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