Your titles reflect your inner distance to others

whatever title people around you are using in addressing you:

even if you are a medical doctor or engineer, a boss or manager or CEO or king - if YOU are truly spiritual and truly LOVING - ALL will call you by your first name. from the youngest to the most senior employees and colleagues, neighbors or friends and family members.

only EGO likes distance ! love likes open heart - open heart always is FREE of any title - like GOD - open heart always loves all to be best friends, beloved ones in all situations of your life.

Any person with an open heart ALWAYS can hug anyone - whether known or seen the very first time !

YOU, the carrier of ANY title is the one to offer to all others to call you by your first name if you want to reduce distance and open your heart for love and friendship with ALL.

whatever is between YOU and ANYONE else - also is between YOU and all your beloved ones !

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