Dogs and humans

Those who LOVE dogs or even keep dogs as pets at home are MISSING in their relationship a real friend, helping, protecting, always present and available day and night in all ups and downs of life !

Those who hate, reject or are allergic to dogs - hate, reject or are allergic to real friendship and have totally different intentions in their relationships and all their human environment !

when talking about dogs - I mean REAL dogs ( like the various shepherds, huskies, or similar ) - the more natural in breed the more real are they in their original behavior. some of the modern breeds have little or nothing in common in their behavior with real dogs as made by God.

note however ! the behavior of a dog depends entirely on his owner and directly reflects the true owner's attitude:

become aware of what kind of dog your friends, partners, business partners or potential living partner may have - and you know how this persons really ARE - OR - what they are missing in their life AND relationship - may be just ONE real friend ?? then YOU BE that real best friend and he never needs a substitute again !

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