Sexuality in relationship - the spiritual meaning of orgasms

Your true innermost love FOR your partner is the ONLY acting force and hence creating your partner's orgasms - provided your partner is OPEN to fully accept and ABSORB all your love.

Your partner's true divine love FOR YOU is the ONLY acting force to CREATE YOUR orgasms - provided YOU are ready to fully accept AND ABSORB all his love.

The number of HIS orgasms on any given day is directly proportional to YOUR LOVE for your partner and the number of YOUR orgasms on any given day is directly proportional to HIS LOVE FOR you. The balance or imbalance between the orgasms given and received shows any possible imbalance between giving and receiving love and who of you may have to learn to give more or absorb more or both.

Difficulties in having orgasms means either fear in that person to fully accept and absorb your love or stinginess from you to give ALL your love freely and gently to your partner or rejection of the loving partner to accept love FROM YOU.

ALL problems are curable - IF both partner sincerely WISH so and can accept help and guidance AND if BOTH partners really want to make a true and sincere LOVE - commitment FOR each other !

Development of spirituality will cure all possible existing problems in your love life

Developing spirituality is the key to developing true divine love between any 2 partners ! Hence - The true and sincere development of your spirituality will automatically dissolve whatever may prevent easy oneness between 2 partners. An orgasm is a short time oneness between 2 astral bodies as a result of love flowing between the 2 partners. Spiritual development opens for MORE love flowing MORE freely - and hence as a side effect results in more orgasms and easier achieved orgasms and sweeter orgasms ... ONENESS with God as experienced during ultimate Samadhi is nothing but a comparable orgasm on the very highest possible level - but far more healing as any orgasm experienced between 2 partners may be healing and uplifting for both of them.

Provided that both are truly in love and fully open for each other and spiritual - there is no limit of age for any manifestation of true direct love between partners !

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