Be generous and enjoy the results of your generosity

a generous person is characterized by a noble or forbearing spirit. generous persons are liberal in giving and all his actions, charity and help as well as love is marked by abundance. all humans are MADE TO BE generous - because we all are made to the image of God.

generousness means giving in abundance like God gives to ALL humans and non-human all and anything and everything in abundance - food, all material goods, beauty, happiness, LOVE, adventure, excitement, experiences, opportunities, grace, mercy and whatever you need to be and to remain happy eternally.

hence being a generous person is BEING TO THE IMAGE of God.

the result of YOUR generousness is happiness IN OTHERS !! enjoy making OTHERS happy by being generous in ALL to ALL OTHERS. as a direct and most of the time instant result you will earn a true sincere SMILE from the depth of that soul and heart ...

want to try it ?

If YES - here a few examples - just for YOU for the very beginning of YOUR generousness toward ALL - today and during the coming days:

  1. next time after a happy shopping, dine-out with the beloved one or successful working day when you take a taxi or tricycle or ricksha when the meter ( or pre-arranged price ) may be 20 ( in your currency ) - give the driver 100 (of your currency ) and wish him bliss and love and good luck as additional "tipping". any time of the year - you may just say "Merry Christmas" - because every day should become a day of love, a day to give, a day to receive, a day to make happy and to BE HAPPY. because THAT and nothing but that was Jesus intention on earth when he came to teach LOVE to all !
  2. next time you have coffee, ice cream or cake in a restaurant and your bill is 10 or 12 ( in your currency ) give the lady or man who attended your table and SERVED YOU with love and a smile 20.
  3. next time someone polishes your shoes - like it is common in India and many other places - instead of giving 7 Rupees - give him a full amount for a FULL lunch or diner - whatever that might be in your country !
  4. next time you wait and enjoy the music of a street musician or singer or artist - instead of giving him a coin - give him the LARGEST BILL you have in your pocket AND BE HAPPY - because you have created a huge happiness and YOU have enjoyed HIS service he first gave you to make you happy HIS way ...
  5. NEXT TIME YOU BRING FLOWERS to someone - instead of bringing a few - bring several dozens at once ...
  6. NEXT TIME YOU GIVE TO A BEGGAR - instead of giving a few coins - give a full daily salary or more at once. BOW to his feet FIRST to add the extra love from the very depth of your divine innermost heart - and bless him.

whatever money YOU carry in your pockets should be FREE for spending - if however you have but plastic money and near zero cash - then you may be too stingy to be good lover for anyone, everyone and your very own family as well ...

generousness may require that you carry 10 or more % of your monthly GROSS income and/or a very substantial part of your overall savings or property in your pocket - for INSTANT, spontaneous and generous help OR just to make someone else that extra gift of LOVE to create or BE an extra sunshine in his life and make happy beyond the minimum level.

May every Day be a holy Christmas day for all of us - on earth and beyond - eternally.

to love - to BE loved - to make happy - to BE happy - EVERY DAY !!!

give generously love in all ways and you receive generous love in all ways ! from God as well !!

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