Babies - love a baby vs have a baby - babies as a divine solution of love

when you "make" a baby

- you make if for God

because one of the MANY lost souls need a place for reincarnation or ONE of the incarnated souls is waiting for HIS partner to "arrive" at the most suitable and most loving place and occasion - to join for later relationship, marriage or helping others .


A baby angel ...

Babies are sources of sweet heavenly love - like angel love

a loving soul is trying to give loving lessons to the actual physical "parents".

when you refuse or reject or abort a baby - you abort or reject or refuse part of God's most LOVING plan to HELP and to HEAL all HIS divine family and to reunite ALL again at home - you and others and all creation !!!

to reunite all as soon and as loving as possible, babies are often the single most loving and most DIRECT way to teach and learn to love all again.

however when you want to HAVE - to OWN - a baby, you will lose it at the right time to learn YOUR lesson to LOVE and only LOVE without EVER possessing a being of love made by GOD !

you can LOVE a baby - but you can NEVER HAVE a baby !!!

understand and realize the difference and practice LOVE instead of possession of something that "belongs" to GOD and no one else ... or it may return to God at its own discretion and at the dislike of your ego.

only ego cries and whines when someone returns home or goes into freedom - loving souls always are happy when someone uses its divine freedom in any possible loving way !

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