Do you feel dirty ?

some people wash or shower many times - again and again ..
because they feel dirty or think physical body in general is dirty ...

or they ask their partner again and again to wash or shower ...
before kissing, before hugging, before loving or making love,
because they THINK their partner is dirty !

God made you to his image - divine !
God made your physical body a temple of love and light !
hence if at all - then it can only be YOUR thinking and / or YOUR attitude that is dirty - because that is made by YOU ...
but never anything made by GOD could be dirty !!!

be lovable the way you are - NOW
and love others the way they are - NOW
because you wash your body in the morning after getting up as well as after work - including your light shower !
YOUR work is clean because YOU select a work in harmony WITH GOD
for the loving benefit of all creation ...

- hence you ARE clean all the time - inside and outside ..
to love and to be loved all the time, any time, anywhere, everywhere !

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