To be successful

Those who ARE successful - whatever they may do - have invested a LOT and the MOST successful ones have invested ALL they had to achieve their success.

they have invested LOTS or ALL their ..

  1. time
  2. money
  3. effort
  4. power of will
  5. ALL resources available as needed

to BE successful.

the very same applies to spiritual success!!!

the only difference between success in spirituality and success in any material area of activity is that ...

  1. a SINCERE God-seeker will invest ALL he has toward improving and developing love, dissolving HIS karma and or the karma of OTHERS and to strengthen HIS POWER of love by supporting others on their path of love to God to ultimately achieve Godunion
  2. while OTHER successful persons may have LOST their orientation and invest all or most of their available resources into material directions of development and hence may even create NEW karma and thus move FURTHER AWAY from God

Here a practical example for success:

if an advanced SCUBA diver wants to become a professional SCUBA diving instructor from a worldwide leading professional instructor association ...

the rules to achieve success are always the very same in ALL fields of activities - material AND/OR spiritual !

no one else but YOU decide whether or NOT YOU may be successful in what YOU WANT to achieve - materially and/or spiritually ...

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