Lessons and decisions

With every of your decisions you accept or escape spiritual lessons in your daily life. Each lesson in your life has been created for you. Many decisions are given to you every day. each lesson has a price that has been paid in full - by you or someone else or by God.

Each decision can be at least 3-fold:

  1. You can make the ONE decision that is in full harmony with your innermost being and hence with God.
    to do so would require from you to overcome ALL your EGO at once and fully accept and learn your lesson at once.
    the result would be instant gain in spiritual strength, wisdom and freedom and instant spiritual growth.
  2. you chose a decision that fully suits your EGO best and will fully escape the lesson.
    hence you will preserve THAT very lesson for the future until such lesson can be CREATED again for YOU.
  3. you compromise or omit your decision and thus create even more complex and more expensive lessons for your future.

if you want to make THIS incarnation your very last one in a physical body, then you should make ALL your daily decisions of the first type ! the first lesson of a kind always is the easiest and cheapest one for YOU.

the price for a lesson can be of material and spiritual nature. repeat lessons may cost you more of both and also more love and humbleness.

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