Your object of fear ...

Your object of fear is what you have caused to others .. hence you fear your potential karma to come back to you and your karma will come back

it is just a question of time ...


you have dissolved all your karma in love
- by action of love
- action of love while having a physical body always are of

physical nature
.. when you have loved all with a "quantity of love" greater than the total sum of your karma - all your karma has expired by being dissolved in love - YOUR LOVE - or God's love as a result of grace and mercy when all your intentions to LEARN to love are true and sincere !

if your action of love are too slow to be beneficial for all creation - then part or all of your karma may bounce back on you

when ALL your fears are gone - evaporated in the fire of YOUR love for GOD and ALL - then you know that the intensity of all your progress is sufficient to avoid ANY karma

.. as to suffer karma is completely obsolete if your readiness and willingness to LEARN to love is the only important factor to progress and avoid karma. have a close and critical look at all objects of YOUR fears you may have - present or past fears - as some of these fears may simply be temporarily suppressed by other, distractive actions and thoughts - and then when you recognized your fears - search for the divine OPPOSITE of such action that you fear from OTHERS bouncing back on you

- as SUCH positive, loving action of love are the absolute only forces able to PREVENT the object of fear hitting you.

may God bless you all ... but for GOD to be able to BLESS YOU - YOU need to OPEN your heart and mind and PROOF your readiness to LEARN to love
- all
- in all situations of eternal life

by implementing some powerful positive affirmations in your life

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