On wrong path - all steps wrong

if you have lost orientation and are on the wrong path

- then EVERY additional step is wrong

until you have reoriented and changed direction of your life

Hence if life goes wrong, choose a new path, a path of love before further steps are done on wrong path. The longer you keep going on wrong path, the greater the damage and the more efforts needed to correct your path and your entire life.

A wrong path is expensive - the path of love is smooth like silk and sweet like honey! The path of love always is free to all and open for all at any time of evolution!

No wrong path is too large to be dropped or dissolved. It is your duty to completely drop any wrong path in your life, at any level of life, your personal life, family life, professional life, political life, industrial projects or other paths of life. The final consequences of pursuing a wrong path, covering up a wrong path or patching a wrong path may result in total destruction of your life, your community or an entire human era on this planet!

The teachings of love will help you to find your path of love into a loving future of mutual respect resulting in mutual love among all mankind until we are again one family in God.

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