Love lessons and feedback

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Test true love and find your problems to be solved to free and improve your love potential

Without love tests no feedback. Without feedback no help for improvement. Below are a large number of love tests and self-evaluations to find our where you might have problems or to see if a potential partner might be a match or mismatch.

Words may lie - the innermost being however always reveals the true about of selfishness in love. To know or test the amount or degree of true love vs selfishness is a vital help to avoid divorce or waste of valuable time with a wrong partner. Love-life is too beautiful to be wasted at the side of a wrong partner. To avoid later disappointment and disaster in dirty divorces it is far better to know in advance who is suitable and who is wrong choice as your lover. Spiritual love tests can reveal your innermost being as well as your partners true attitude toward you.

For a person to change usually takes many years, decades, a full lifetime and often more than a single lifetime. To hope for the one you have now in mind to change within reasonable time is wrong hope. Too painful is the life with a selfish lover. Be picky and chose a lover who is ready NOW to give you all the love you deserve as well as to absorb all the love you love to share!

Many more lessons of love: More direct and more complex true love tests are found in my Blog "Secrets of Love" - topic secrets of love and topic love.

In my Blog you find countless love-tests to help you saving money by preventing later divorce. Love tests may start as early as from the very moments you meet, your first eye to eye contact and first impression or step 2 of your million dollar love test your first impression - love at first glance?. One of the most important and often overlooked ultimate love tests beyond the first kiss is sexual harmony!

The helpful and easy to follow lessons for life will help you to improve your spirituality and thus love in daily life. Spirituality is the basis of true love. The complete teachings of love will assist you in very detail to open for God's love and thus to purify and heal your own heart and soul.

Love tests and spiritual feedback for a happier life with true love

These spiritual love tests are mainly focusing on giving you a means to obtain feedback about the spiritual quality of your relationship, your very own true spirituality, as well as your very own spiritual development or the development of your surrounding and partner.

Spirituality or ego is reflected subconsciously in all our actions - a heart never lies - but you have to learn to read and understand the subconscious messages you receive from your very own behavior or from your partner.

The purpose of all these most valuable short spiritual lessons is to give you a precise insight into you or your directly related persons to enable you or help you in your own decision making related to human relationship, relationship or when searching for a job or selecting friends. Our behavior is manipulated by ego, by fears and longings, by spiritual blockages caused by ancient trauma happening in much earlier incarnations or recent painful experiences. By learning and becoming aware of your subconscious signals or fears - you know what to heal and how to progress. The many lessons and chapters offered in the Cyberspace Ashram - some 4000+ HTML pages 10'000+ files - give you all the tools to dissolve in love any fear or any rejection and to open for love - for God and finally also for a loving relationship ...

Or the feedback may help you in making firm decision when divorce or separation appears to be the best and most loving solution and when you may need a confirmation or proof of your very own doubts or feelings.

The ultimate purpose of all these spiritual love tests in micro format is to help you to be more loving, to be a more loving partner and thus to have a more loving partner in life yourself - to be as happy as really can be - even here on earth to be able to fully enjoy love and bliss from God and a truly loving relationship with a truly loving partner.

Love and Bliss


Love lessons - 2003

  1. Create a smile
  2. Give the best
  3. life is messed up ?
  4. Lost orientation
  5. Worries and doubts
  6. Strength from experiences
  7. Mistakes or Perfection
  8. The power of love
  9. Be happy on your own
  10. If you miss something
  11. Control of life
  12. Away from home
  13. Mind confused
  14. Power of Love
  15. On wrong path - all steps wrong
  16. Your eternal life started today ...
  17. Focus on your divine goal
  18. Enjoying joy and happiness
  19. Drop your watch and you find time
  20. True love or broken heart ...
  21. Your object of fear ...
  22. Freedom ...
  23. Focus on your object of love ..
  24. What you say in joking ...
  25. I miss you
  26. When you wake up in the morning
  27. To be loved
  28. Lessons and decisions
  29. Envy or perform
  30. To BE successful
  31. Free your mind
  32. Love and Flowers
  33. Do you feel dirty ?
  34. Are you feeling lovable ?
  35. When you THINK or FEEL "I love you"
  36. When you calculate your love
  37. Abundance
  38. First the basement - then all else !
  39. A smile
  40. Babies
  41. Please Ego or please God
  42. Drop ALL your reproaches
  43. Be generous and enjoy the results of your generosity
  44. Kisses in relationship
  45. Caresses in your relationship
  46. The meaning of orgasms - Sexuality in relationship
  47. Cats and humans
  48. Dogs and humans
  49. Your titles reflect your inner distance to others
  50. Learn to look at children from a different, holistic perspective
  51. If a man fears a strong woman ..
  52. The ocean and the mermaid
  53. Half of infinity
  54. God made many ..
  55. Do you remember ... ?
  56. Blossoming paradise
  57. Is your partner happy ?
  58. Always focus on solutions
  59. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle
  60. One finished job in one lifetime
  61. Recognize and accept your lessons and challenges in life
  62. Know the ideal size of any business
  63. Youth and beauty
  64. Take me
  65. Love and make happy - NOW these very moments
  66. The power of mistakes . . .
  67. Sexuality in your spiritual life
  68. Next time ...
  69. Your mind and ego
  70. Ego is funny
  71. When inside is manifested outside
  72. Spiritual Healing
  73. Health
  74. Loyalty
  75. Loyalty to God
  76. When something is created or happens the very first time in eternity
  77. Contagious diseases
  78. Only the essence of your life is important
  79. Children's greatest gift to parents
  80. I confess to all of you
  81. How to wake up in the morning
  82. Are you playing cripple ?
  83. Elephants and humans
  84. Horses and humans
  85. Men and women

Love lessons - 2004

  1. God has always been very near you ... reaching out for you
  2. Happy Valentine - my father never said "I love you" to me !
  3. Snakes and humans
  4. The colors of your underwear and dresses
  5. Starving for Sweets - eating sweets, absorbing sweets - converting sweets
  6. Happy birthday - born to make happy or what is the purpose of your birthday ?
  7. Sharks and humans the spiritual meaning of sharks and our relationship to sharks
  8. Learning selflessness - focus on the needs of all others and your selfishness turns into selflessness
  9. Love is ... easy to practice - even by babies - yet impossible to directly define or describe

Love lessons - 2005

  1. Ways to help a child wake up in the morning - how to wake up children in the morning

Love lessons - 2006

  1. Credit Cards - loans - minus on your bank accounts ? - Rebalance your life - rebalance your flow of love
  2. ... and frequently more to come - for your spiritual benefit and to enhance your love- and family life as well as to ease your spiritual progress on your path of love through your life HERE and NOW on earth and beyond !

To fully benefit and profit from all available spiritual teachings and spiritual information given in all the texts - you may need to read all the major sections of the entire Cyberspace Ashram - some 4000+ HTML pages / 10'000+ files.

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May love and bliss from God guide and protect you on all your ways of life

Love and Bliss


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