This picture gallery and photo Blog of the Philippines shall bring you the beauty of the beautiful island paradise closer. Color photos from most beautiful nature scenery, flowers, roses and the beauty of tropical nature in an tropical island environment. Photo tutorials and educational spiritual tutorials about nature and happy life in nature embedded in picture documentations shall make the joy of color photos also an educational experience. Learn about tropical nature, fruits, trees, farming, life on the beautiful Philippine islands. Most beautiful pictures - for you to enjoy or to send as free greeting cards.

Album: Roses

Beautiful roses photos from the Philippine mountains - all roses photos are high resolution images and available in a number of different image sizes. Enjoy the natural beauty of these beautiful roses photos or download these roses as free wallpaper

Album: Fruits of the Philippine islands

Tropical fruits of the Philippine islands with photos from seeds, small trees and large trees - a full lifecycle

Album: Fresh herbs, delicious spices and vegetables in the Philippines

The Philippines has most of the tropical spices and herbs fresh and abundant. However the knowledge of herbal medicine or proper use of all the available natural herbs and spices for the art of cooking is very limited.

Album: Boracay island

Boracay island's inner beauty. Boracay Pictures with beautiful beach and blue clear ocean is well known. Enjoy the inner beauty of Boracay island

Album: Rainy season in the Philippines

Rainy season means a tropical paradise underwater and under dark clouds

Album: Sunset pictures

Enjoy the magic of sunsets - free photos for your desktop wallpaper or use as eCard with tropical sunsets from the Philippine islands

Album: Beach life

Beach life on Philippines beautiful beaches, water all year round warm and in most areas crystal clear. Beautiful photos from exciting and fun beach activities in the Philippines islands' beaches and waters.

Album: Island life

Living on an island is exciting - living on 7100+ islands is 7100+ times more exciting - each island is unique and different from all others. Each island filled with exotic beauty - beautiful people with loving hearts and smiles, beauty every where.

Album: Aerial photos Philippine islands

Aerial photos of the most beautiful places in the Philippines - visit the most spectacular sceneries by air and discover those exotic tropical sceneries you want to explore by road or by sea later.

Album: Most beautiful islands

Blue water - beautiful islands surrounded by blue water - blue waters from turquoise blue to sapphire blue are inviting you.

Mindoro Photos

Album: Mindoro Photos

Beautiful photos from Mindoro islands nature, beaches and sceneries

Beautiful flowers

Album: Beautiful flowers

Philippine islands are a tropical paradise flooded with beautiful colorful tropical flowers. A true tropical flower paradise all year long. Tropical orchids in hundreds of colors and shapes, hibiscus in all variations, bougainvillea and many other flowers

Album: Banaue rice terraces

A photo journey from Banaue and its wonderful and spectacular rice terraces and nature sceneries through its neighboring valleys with more beautiful nature views to Sagada with its hanging coffins and head hunters.

Album: Cagsawa ruins pictures

Cagsawa ruins and Cagsawa ruins lava stone garden with beautiful and colorful flowers decorating the lava stones of the Cagsawa ruins.

Album: Mt Mayon volcano

Bicol is one of Philippines most beautiful Region - a paradise in natural beauty

Album: Baguio flower festival pictures

Panagbenga - season of blooming - Baguio's annual flower festival each February. One month of blossoming flowers, dancing flower girls and music.

Album: Lotus flowers

Lotus of Cambodia, the Kingdom of Lotus pond and lotus flower. Enjoy the beauty of lotus blossom photos or use an inspiring lotus flower image as free eCard and wallpaper.

Album: Tropical garden photos

Photos from the Baguio Garden exhibit with tropical garden and flower garden made by competing professional landscape experts of the Philippines islands.

Album: Kingdom of Cambodia Pictures

Kingdom of Cambodia pictures, photo wallpaper and scenery eCards. Enjoy the nature beauty of a kingdom of wonders, a magic kingdom of another world. Free photo wallpaper and photo eCards from the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Album: Nature pictures

Most beautiful tropical nature pictures from Philippine islands and Cambodia.

Album: Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day wallpapers and eCards

Album: Happy children

Playground man-made or Happy Children's preferred playground God made - the most exciting playground is wild nature, forests, jungle, ocean, beaches, rivers, lakes ... See the pictures and the difference in the faces of city kids or nature children.

Album: Most beautiful

Most beautiful moments in life - beautiful nature sceneries made by God

Album: God Cards - Prayers and Love

Beautiful cards with prayers or love affirmations to heal your heart and soul

Album: Tropical islands

Tropical island paradise Siargao island and its beautiful neighbor islands in the Pacific Ocean side of the Philippine islands.

Album: Organic farm and gardening tips

Tips with pictures for organic gardening and small organic farms.