Bauang beach and San Fernando La Union

La Union has a long time been a favorite tourist destination - yet thanks to many human factors - La Union, specially the beach from Bauang to San Fernando with its many established beach resorts is now a dying tourist area run down by incapable resort managers and lack of high level tourist support by local government. If planning to go to La Union for a vacation, then best re-orient yourself toward new destinations and new resorts and avoid the dying and disappearing Bauang beach area. There are many much better places available in the Philippines than La Union.

"Age doesn't matter" is an often heard saying here in the Philippines - and many who came for a visit stayed here or came back for good or made the Philippines a second home away from home.

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flowers and jungle near the tropical warm ocean and sandy beaches

The clean beach with brown sand from San Fernando LU to Bauang expands about 10 km long ...

Recreation on the beach and in tropical vegetation

and invites to extensive beach walks in day time

Beaches and warm ocean for all family

... or during the many magnificent sunset sceneries

Ashram for meditation, spiritual counseling and alternate therapy

All rooms are surrounded by or facing lush tropical bushes, ..

resort rooms

flowers and green

Ashram for meditation, alternate therapies and holistic spiritual healing

All around the large property of the Resort

resort pictures - beach front rooms and cottages for singles, family and retirees

Amidst all this beauty - you also find cottages with kitchen for an entire family vacation

tropical vegetation and nice family rooms and cottages

a few resorts here may have a 24 hrs restaurant - however in La Union gourmet food is totally unknown - be prepared for most basic food-quality like average in the Philippines. if gourmet food is important during your vacation, then you may prefer to go to Boracay Island with dozens of resorts at all price-categories and also dozens of excellent gourmet restaurants with a wide variety of different food-nationalities. The only positive exception for food in La Union is the Swiss owned and managed Schweizer Garten ( Swiss garden ) Inn, Romas Rd., Paringao, Bauang and its beach outlet Seaman's Canteen - Paringao, Bauang. The Seaman's Canteen directly beach front next to Paringao School.

pool for family vacation on the beach

some of the resorts have swimming pool - if the possible mermaids in the warm tropical ocean appear too dangerous to you ;-)

stormy beach during rainy season

During rainy season from mid/end May until November - sometimes for a few days the beach is a little stormy - fun for active people and a reason to go surfing in nearby San Juan

Easy transportation

wishing to go shopping ... the local transportation of choice is a Jeepney

high way to San Fernando la union

about 100 meter from the beach is the highway with Jeepneys and tricycles going the 5 km to ...

San Fernando La Union - Philippines

San Fernando Plaza - with shops and all facilities, ATM, banks, etc

San Fernando market

and the old market - next the the flower, fruit and vegetable market ...

San Fernando la union market

With all goods you may need for a pleasant and enjoyable long time stay here.

Various Beach Resorts or cottages available

Various Beach Resorts or cottages available along the beach are suitable for a stay from a few weeks to several months.

Another of my preferred areas I love to be creative and productive is Mindoro Island - the area of Puerto Galera with its most beautiful landscape and wild tropical jungle covered mountains and clean water. Mindoro is the place I often spend a few months in summer time.

Rental of Houses or cottages - prices

Fully furnished cottages or houses including cleaning, electricity, kitchen, fridge, cable TV, ... etc within Resort Hotels as well as privately owned are available here in La Union or on other islands of the Philippines usually are around US $ 400 - 700.- on a monthly rate. If a Hotel Resort is more than 200 - 500 meter away from the Beach, then prices may be as low as 200-300 us $ per months - for a stay of a month or longer - also depending on season. November until May is peak season - with prices sometimes up to 50 % higher - May until November is low season, also rainy season. If you stay many months - repeatedly - if you are retiree, then prices may be negotiable depending on hotel.

How to find a house of cottage in the Philippines

The easiest way to find such ocean front rentals is to come here - stay in one of the beach front hotels and walk along to beautiful beach to look out for the sign "for rent" or ask some local residents and let them know you are interested in renting a house or cottage for a while.

In the mean time you may enjoy the hospitality of local beach resorts - and find out - if you love to be spoiled and or work here - they too offer very competitive monthly rates for all those staying several months - and they care for all the administrative and paper work stuff to make sure your stay here is for pleasure or relaxation only.

Philippines very easily can conquer your heart and make you feel at home here - away from home - HERE !!!

Selecting your accommodation or resort in San Fernando - Bauang beach area

like in so many other places - you may have to set priorities and according to your priorities select the type of resorts best meeting your requirements.

If getting drunk 24/7 or having food day and night is most important to you - if telephone in the room, cable TV or Internet access in the rooms or at least in your hotel / resort is most important for you for professional or other reasons - then you may have no other choice but to select one of the greater and "famous" beach resorts along the beach of Bauang.

Of course these larger resorts seldom offer the courtesy and personal attention a private small hotel or resort can offer where a husband wife team caters directly to the personal needs of customers.

The beach of Bauang and San Fernando La Union offers a variety of small, smallest and larger resorts meeting all needs depending on your priorities.

In general you can expect much better food in smaller places - prepared by owners who care personally for you in the kitchen and know you preferences.

Beach life - Budget rooms, dining out and socializing on the Bauang - San Fernando La Union beach

Ocean Breeze beach resort
Walking from Ocean Breeze a budget price but nice beach resort with prices for fan rooms starting at about 10 US$ per day along the beach southwards ...
Bauang beach - shades for rent to enjoy your private beach picnic
Many shades and picnic places directly on the beach are available for rent
Bauang beach - Cheap Charlie - popular beach venue - bar and restaurant in winter season only
Cheap Charlie - directly on the beach - open only in winter season - during summer time the sea is getting too rough for most beach restaurants !! Cheap Charlie is a very popular venue for many foreigners and local guests who love personal care and attention as much as excellent homemade food by the owners at very honest prices. Clean tables and clean table clothes, nice decoration and friendly waitresses are even above the standard of most largest resorts in this area.
Bauang beach - small Philippine style beach restaurants and drinks on the Bauang beach
many small but nice local restaurant invite for an adventure into local food or refreshing drinks at low prices
Bauang beach - Michaela beach restaurant and budget guest rooms
Michaela - another small restaurant with budget guest rooms and good food, local and German
Bauang beach - souvenirs
A few small souvenir stalls with shells and other souvenirs can be found on the beach as well
Many nice places - small or large - select or better - come, try and then make up your mind and choose the one place you like most. But after all you can be assured that many of these fine smaller places are all within easy walking distance from any of the famous beach resorts on the beach.
Some of the finer beach resorts - such as Cabana resort hotel offer life entertainment more or less year round - certainly an important factor to consider when planning to enjoy your stay with loved ones. Cabana also is one of the few having a variety of salads in the salad bar or a some excellent gourmet salads.

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