Mindoro Island

Mindoro island photos, travel and tourist information from places I love on this beautiful island

Mindoro's tourist destinations

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Most of all Mindoro's tourist places, hotels, resorts, recreation activities, etc are focusing around Puerto Galera. The reason is obvious. Mindoro has no real road system to travel by road across and around the island. There is one road around the island. Part of this round-the-island road is dirt road, smaller parts cemented road. The only public transportation to travel this one road are Jeepneys. No public buses, no buses at all - the road simply is far too bad for anything else but Jeepneys, motor bikes or in some areas for shorter distances trikes.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is the center for most of all tourist activities and tourist accommodations.

Puerto Galera is the typical arriving port on Mindoro island. For most tourists all adventure, all excursions, all travel or trekking tours start from Puerto Galera. Later if you got to know the beautiful island of Mindoro with all its beauty to explore, you may decide on a particular location or region to reside for a while depending on your personal preferences.

Mindoro is a place I love very much since many years - hence I spent up to several months a year on this beautiful island during past years. High mountains covered with lush tropical vegetation. Jungle down to the water line in some places. Waterfalls, clean fresh water and clean deep ocean - well protected by the many larger islands within a few kilometers - hence the ocean is year round calm.

Mindoro's beaches are different - smaller - but the vegetation richer, more colorful than most other islands.

This is a place for richer ones to come to visit me for spiritual purpose - rich either in your heart and or in $ or both !

Why ?

Because just a short walk back from the beaches - may be 1 km or so back into the forests and mountains, you find some of the very poorest on this planet - waiting for you to help - who else but you ?. Whenever I leave the island - I am near broke but with a happy heart knowing that at least some people have for a while a better life.

If however your heart is big and open - then you may enjoy ALL what this island has to offer you.

Sabang beach - Puerto Galera

Arriving at Sabang Beach by ferry boat from Batangas - living in a beach front cottage in Sabang beach

Sabang beach - Puerto Galera

One of the typical Mindoro beaches with forest and mountains just behind Sabang beach.

Mindoro is ideal if you like to go on a walk into the mountains or a swim into deeper water - both is just at your door steps.

Internet in Sabang beach

Sabang has a few poorly maintained Internet cafes for www access, eMails and surfing to stay connected. The quality of Sabang's Internet world is beyond current Philippine average standard and was apparently going downhill within the several months due to lack of healthy strong competition in the Internet service sector. A professional and efficient work in Internet FROM Sabang no longer is possible. Enjoy nature and all beauty nature has to offer you and leave your laptop and work at home or select one of the many other connected places in the Philippines as alternatives to Sabang if www connectivity is vital to your job and life. Internet cafes encountered during my recent personal visit all are without professional help - maintained by non-qualified employees only. Technical questions and problems remain unsolved unless you bring or create your own solutions.

Ocean front cottages or beach resorts

Are available in limited number, the places are smaller and of course quieter than many others - you may expect for short time stay off season some 10 - 25 US $ a day and as little as 200-300 US $ a months on a monthly rate off season at some of my preferred places. This usually includes kitchen facility, gas, shower, and even cable TV, electricity is very often down on the island - but the place I usually stay has all night a generator to assure fan and power in night time.

Food is excellent and very reasonably priced. With some hotels or restaurants offering full 24 hrs service.

If you come to visit in summer time - there is a chance you meet me on Mindoro Island.

Recreational activities and sports in Mindoro - Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera

The main sport in Sabang certainly is SCUBA Diving from shore or boat - with the majority being multilingual, fine and well-equipped PADI dive resorts

Typical languages at dive resorts are: English, German, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and sometimes others as well.

Recreational activities offered on Boracay island included:

Trekking tours to the nearby tropical mountains, caves, water falls, ..

Day or multi day tours are offered and organized by small, individual local teams and best organized after your arrival here. The island of Mindoro near Sabang beach and Puerto Galera offers spectacular and breath-taking landscapes, tropical vegetation, interesting hill tribe-villages, beautiful flowers and orchids, ideal for video or photography and nature lovers ! Enjoy an adventure into jungle, forest, waterfalls and caves in small groups OR on your own if you have some experience and sense for adventure.

Becoming a PADI SCUBA Diving instructor or SCUBA diver at Sabang beach - Puerto Galera

If you are looking for a place to get certified PADI SCUBA DIVER in any of the many ratings offered here at Sabang beach or to become a PADI Professional SCUBA diving instructor - this may be a place you are looking for with its many PADI dive resorts ( about a dozen or so ) and PADI instructor development centers offering instructor training

Diving is done off the beach, by boat and some diving facilities have their own pool.

Golf Club Ponderosa

Approximately 10 kms away from Puerto Galera proper - high up in Mindoro island's tropical mountains is the scenic golf course Ponderosa. Beautiful for non-golfers to enjoy a most beautiful ocean view or for golfers of course to enjoy to play amidst tropical scenery and healthy wild jungle nature.

Mindoro properties for sale

A recent very questionable practice has started. A nearly total sellout of nature and beautiful properties amidst jungle, hilltop and ocean view real estate is for sale.