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Philippines travel guide for immigrants and tourists. Life in an island paradise means love, nature and beautiful sceneries. With forum, news and business information.

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Photos from the Philippine islands, and eCards from beautiful tropical sceneries, flowers and roses and tropical wallpapers to help you get started in your adventure into places I love! Philippine islands - your possible place for retirement or your small business in paradise as your last step to heaven.

Philippines with its 7100+ most beautiful tropical islands full of exotic beauty and loving surprises is definitely my most preferred place on this planet. The loving friendliness of Filipino toward all visitors from all over the world makes you instantly feel welcome and wish to be at home in this beautiful place. But what place do you want to stay ? Each and every of the provinces and islands has its own magic beauty often totally different from what you have seen or experienced at other places or islands. Even the language is different - with many dozen dialects adapting the the individual characteristics of different island cultures and ethic groups from different origin and different history.

Travel and Life in Paradise

A blossoming paradise with lots of smiling eyes and faces to welcome you in their heart and soul. Hence the Philippines are an ideal place for travel and life in paradise, provided you have prepared yourself with a quality and useful professional education for life in paradise.

I love places that love me and help me to enjoy and work more efficiently, while having an open heart for all visitors and foreigners of any color and race and age. After a lifetime of travel and work in some 40+ countries worldwide - the Philippine islands are just one such beautiful country where all loving people are welcome and loved. Hence the creation of this Philippines Travel Guide to share with you some beautiful pictures and information about:


The islands' travel guide
... to places I love

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Photo gallery

Philippine islands

Philippine islands

Beautiful photos from sceneries, island life, fruits and vegetables, agriculture, beaches and some of the most beautiful places in this island paradise.


Philippine art

Traditional art
Modern art

A few example galleries of paintings from native artists.


Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

A tropical paradise of course is decorated and beautified by millions of most exotic flowers, orchids and blossoming trees and bushes. Enjoy the beauty of colorful nature in this island paradise


Roes of the Philippine islands

Most beautiful roses

High up in the mountains around Baguio City - on Luzon island - are many square kilometers of rose fields producing some of the worlds finest smelling and most beautiful roses.


Fruits of the Philippine islands

Fruits of the Philippine islands

A true paradise has delicious fruits. Enjoy the healing power and nutritious value of some of the world's sweetest and most delicious tropical fruits.

Wood carvings

wood carvings

Wood carvings

Tropical islands - tropical trees - a paradise for carpenters and wood carvers to turn tropical wood into master pieces of living art and furniture for your cozy home.

Places I love ...

Palawan island

Palawan island

El Nido - Coron island

Palawan from north to south with its most beautiful beaches and beautiful tropical nature surrounded by crystal clear blue ocean water.

Boracay island

Boracay island

Boracay Island

Certainly one of the world's most popular tropical paradise island - enjoy photo documentation and wallpapers of Boracay's beaches, inner beauty and honeymoon places.

Mindoro island

Mindoro island

Mindoro - Puerto Galera nature scenery - info - sightseeing

A mountain island covered with lush beautiful jungle growth, clean jungle rivers and waterfalls. Flowers and butterflies of exotic beauties on an island for adventurous tourists only.

Bicol - Luzon island

Bicol - Luzon island

Bicol - beauty - life

No place for tourists because paradise has no hotels only loving hearts to be a guest. If you want to have a glimpse at paradise within paradise - then earn yourself an invitation to paradise!

Most beautiful beaches

Most beautiful beaches

Most beautiful beaches

One of the greatest Filipino tourist attraction besides the cute sexy and exotic Filipina girls are the thousands of most beautiful beaches - white sand or brown sand - even black beaches near Mt Mayon volcano - pitch black beach, but clean.

Baguio City

Baguio City - City of God

Baguio City - outside Baguio

City of God is Baguio's second name - with the beautiful cathedral above the city and beautiful flower fields, rose fields and strawberry fields nearby and the huge production of delicious Baguio-vegetables in Benguet province - Baguio is for mountain and agriculture lovers.

Banaue Rice terraces

Banaue rice terraces

Banaue Rice terraces

A true wonder of agriculture architecture - hand made by men - thousands of years of work to build the astounding rice terraces from Banaue and its surrounding neighbor villages.

Photo Gallery

"Philippine islands most beautiful ..."

A steadily growing photo documentary of the beauty of the Philippine paradise islands. All photos can be sent as eCards, many are resized in wallpaper formats for your desktop background.

Free forum, download, questions, chat ..

Download free tropical wallpapers.

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Doing business

Places like Mindoro - Sabang beach and Boracay island attract visitors from many different parts of the globe - no matter from where you come ... HERE you may find your neighbors or exotic friendly people from the opposite part of the globe. Make friends, find partner for life, cute sexy and Angel-like Filipinas with smiling eyes, or ...

Doing business in the Philippines certainly may be much different from doing business in your home country. Think twice and then make up your mind. The limits you encounter depend on how much love you invest into your business venture in addition to the money you need to invest to do business in a paradise island environment.

God has many surprises for you here in the Philippines
- up to you to open your eyes and heart and to ...

Love !