Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay Island - aerial photo

Below aerial photo after take off by SEAIR from Caticlan airport - a full aerial view of the tropical island. Top of image far background you see Boracay's sister island "Carabao island" just a few miles away from Boracay.

Boracay island amidst blue waters - aerial photo

To enjoy Boracay - see also the Best of Boracay list of top restaurants and facilities on Boracay island.

A few pictures from typical resorts on Boracay island.

Boracay with its famous for its White Beach - so called because of its truly white beach as you can see - White Beach certainly is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - may be second to the most beautiful beach I ever saw and experienced myself - a hidden beach white, wide and long - approximately 9 km long beach just next to real wild jungle ... in Cambodia.

Photo gallery Philippine islands

Visit the Photo gallery Philippines - "photos of beautiful tropical scenery, flowers, ocean view and beaches" with a special photo album about "Boracay island's inner beauty" and more beautiful pictures from Boracay and the Philippine islands - or enjoy the many free wallpapers Philippines including hundreds of Boracay wallpapers

Boracay's White Beach is about 4 km long, clean and offers free access all along to a crystal clear tropical warm ocean.

Welcome to the Honeymoon island Boracay
Visayas region - in the Philippines

A honeymoon island is a place friendly for all visitors, with sufficient variety of services, goods, gourmet food, nice life music and entertainment for dancing and happiness together, cozy rooms, cottages and resorts and a few enjoyable recreational activities you can share together - growing together while staying in touch heart to heart and having fun

Boracay offers all that and more - and all for a truly affordable price if you are a qualified and full time working employee or self employed from any western country or USA / Canada you most likely can afford a few weeks each years on this pearl among tropical islands. Boracay is spacious and leaves you many places to enjoy love together. Many flowers and lots of green ... plus a year round inviting tropical warm ocean - ready for a moonlight swim or sunlight swim any time day or night.

Singles most likely will remain singles during a vacation on Boracay island - Boracay is for honeymoon - for couples in love and offers little for singles to find a partner. Singles hoping to find a love partner here may better select another destination in the Philippines or elsewhere.

tropical Boracay island Philippines
Boracay island Philippines
tourist center
Boracay tourist center
walk along the beach front of Boracay
walk along the ...
beach front of Boracay
... beach front of Boracay
Excellent shopping and business opportunities
Excellent shopping and business opportunities
Noon time in the tropics can get really warm
Noon time on the island can get really warm
very easily 33+ C in shadow
just time for a siesta with your love one

Boracay island's famous, beautiful "white beach"

Boracay White Beach - Visayas - Philippines
Boracay island - white beach

You look in one direction ...

Recreation on the beach and in tropical vegetation

or another - as far as you can see - white beach ! In summer time sometimes windy and inviting for sailing in local style sailboats always with smiling and skilled crew - or windsurfing - or kite-surfing.

View and download free wallpapers from Boracay white beach

Ocean front cottages or beach resorts

Boracay ocean front cottages or beach resorts are available - yet prices are a little higher than some other places - for short stay off season - you may expect some 30 - 60 US $ a day. Peak season higher.

Food - eating out at Boracay

Here a detailed and updated list of Boracay's best - dine out, sailing, sightseeing, ... places

Food prices for a "eat all you can"-buffet is around 300 - 400 PHP per person along the beach for a nice candle light dinner under palms in one of the several beach restaurants specializing in "eat all you can" -buffet

Food from early morning - breakfast until late night dinner buffet with eat all you can is very reasonable priced on Boracay island.


A diner buffet on the beach - open air and during nice weather with candle light under palms - with rich variety of sea food and western food may be 8-10 US $ per person - eat all you can !!

A large variety of gourmet restaurants with food from many cultures make Boracay one of the few truly world class gourmet places in the Philippines and most likely the best of all Philippines gourmet places. Fine French cuisine, Swiss food, several true Italian restaurants and wooded oven pizzerias, local Philippine food, sea food, Chinese and Thai food, Korean and many other food specialties - all within walking distance along Boracay's famous white beach. Hence - Boracay surely meets all needs for a gourmet honeymoon for two or an entire family..

Lunch or candle light diner for 2 under palm trees on Boracay's beach

candle light diner for 2 on the beach

Many romantic places like this can be found along white beach - most have candle lights on each table in night time for a candle light diner with your love under the tropical sky full of stars shining just for you and your love. Enjoy and be happy.

beach bars restaurants Boracay
Many beach bars and restaurants
massage on the beach
a massage on the beach
sailing at Boracay
sailing at Boracay

Recreation and water sports

Jet ski, Diving, water ski, para-sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, banana boat, sailing,dancing and more ..

kite surfing instruction
kite surfing instruction on Boracay island
kite surfing instruction
with modern equipment

Island facilities

tourist center - travel office - exchange

The "Tourist Center" has a small super market, travel agent, money change, safe deposit boxes for your valuables, Internet center and other small services to offer. Here you can cash VISA and withdraw - but for a commission charged. Internet is in good working condition and should have broadband by now. This is one of the few places where laptops are welcome. The network configuration is somewhat different and unusual - ask the system admin, a young and knowledgeable man for help the first time you are there with your laptop.

Another Internet access - very modern and may be the very fastest is station 167 - just left of "Cafe del Sol" in d'mall !! separate desks for laptop guests show that laptops are more than welcome. Seats like a chef let you enjoy hours of working online. Enjoy. And if while working online you get hungry at station 167 - they have a snack bar in the Internet room and below - ground floor - a restaurant open 24 hrs.

tropical beauty - Boracay a pearl in the ocean

Money and money exchange on Boracay island

Banking and money transfer on Boracay island is limited but fully sufficient. Near the center part of Boracay's white beach you find "d'mall" - the newest business part of the beach area with many modern shops, small businesses, snack bars, restaurants, cafe del sol - one of the best coffee on the island with home made cakes and tiramisu and nearby the best maintained ATM machine I know so far at Bank of Philippine Islands - a large and very reliable banking partner. The withdrawal limit per withdrawal is 20'000 PHP and you may repeat withdrawals several times until you reach the limit of your card.

ATM and accepted ATM cards

Accepted cards for ATM

Here on the picture you see the cards accepted. Recently BPI has upgraded to also include VISA cards on their ATMs. Any other you may have bad luck Be prepared !! For VISA you may find cash at the Tourist Center inside is a Money changer accepting VISA card to pay out cash. Commission usually is 7.5% that is normal fee in many or most Philippine hotels and resorts if you pay by Credit Card. The only true currency for best payment is CASH !! you can bring US $ or EURO cash and change at local money changer. Anything else may cost extra commission in above range or may fail. The worst of all payment methods are TC - Traveler Cheques - AVOID TC !

Island recreation and outdoor sports

Major recreational activities in Boracay are - SCUBA Diving, kite surfing and wind surfing

Typical languages at the many well equipped PADI dive-resorts are:
English, German, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and sometimes others as well.

Recreational activities offered on Boracay island included:

Art - Shopping - Girls Fashion - Beach Hotels and Beach Resorts ...

Many more opportunities ...
just click on the picture to get to the relevant page

Boracay beautiful tropical white beach
Boracay white beach
beach cottage Boracay island southern end of white beach
beach cottages, resorts
and beach hotels
Boracay paintings
Paintings gallery
girls fashion
girls fashion
decoration for home and housing

Learn the secrets of love and enjoy a loving eternal romance with your God given partner - start the renewal of love with a honeymoon for two - at a romantic place both of you love ... then learn to enjoy work and combine your work, love and family all into one to enjoy eternal honeymoon.

Having fun

Candle light diner for - dancing on the beach - bars to meet, a moonlight swim or sex on the beach - all is possible on this tropical island

bars Boracay by night
bars to meet
Boracay by night
Boracay by night
creperie at Boracay