Baguio City

Baguio - City of God - City of flowers

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God is Love
Pink Azalea
Baguio city - the city of God. Many reasons for that name - one of them the large number of spiritual healer here in Baguio city
The love of Baguio's people for God is best experienced in the last several days before Christmas day when the music calls for the early morning mass - the Christmas music from the Cathedral St. Mary calling all loving hearts as early as around 4 AM and by the time the mass starts around 5 AM the Cathedral St. Mary is usually overfilled with loving hearts from all city and hundreds of teens and twens following the call of God's love
Cathedral St. Mary - Baguio City
Cathedral St. Mary above the city on a hill with a beautiful view across all Baguio city
White Azalea - typical for Baguio city
Baguio city is at an altitude of around 1600 meters above sea level with many surrounding hills and mountains reaching up to 2250+ meters above sea level and flowers year round all over the city. With changing season the flowers change as well
highest hill near the center of Baguio city
The highest hill near the center of Baguio city is the new and large SM mall - this is the best point to have a panoramic view of all surrounding hills and the heart of the city
Baguio city has different faces
Every direction you look - the city has a different face with different vegetation and different population density as well
Baguio city - highest nearby mountains are above the clouds
The highest nearby mountains are above the clouds
heart of Baguio city - the Burnham park

God is Love

Burnham park with its small lake
the Burnham park with its small lake is the attraction for all - including all Filipinos
Thousands of flowers all years round. This end of November the last from the many thousands of summer dahlias are expiring
and thousands of roses are just starting to blossom now
pink roses - Burnham park Baguio City
Now we have mostly white and pink roses blossoming
Yellow flowers
All Burnham park as well as other areas of the city of Baguio are well maintained with thousands of flowers in many colors and species blossoming for the joy of all hearts - in February each year we have a 2 weeks flower festival in Baguio city attracting ten thousands of visitors almost day and night

Within walking distance from Burnham park, you'll find several hotels, cheap, cheapest and more expensive ones. When choosing cheap hotels, always keep in mind that also quality may be cheap! Quality does require a full commitment by the owner of a business willing to do his job / business with all his heart and soul - with love and God's blessing. Business or hotels just done for mere profit always fail sooner or later. Chose quality and be ready to offer quality yourself.

Shopping in Baguio is easy - near the Burnham park is the large market with many tropical fruits and mountain fruits fruits, blueberries, and very unique - delicious strawberries 12 months a year and of course its nation wide known Baguio-vegetables - have a look at a typical mountain market photos to see what to expect in this region, as well as a large flower market ... or you walk the Session road up and shop in the many stores on both sides or on top of the session road in SM mall clearly visible from very far already

About Baguio

A Google map search for Baguio City may show you a bird view for the city. A Google web search for Baguio city also may give you more information and facts about the city. See the Google search box at the bottom of this page. Baguio is a large city with a high density of traffic in center areas and a high population density in many areas. Sometimes a bit crowded like in other major cities. Typical for Baguio is its extreme high air pollution from road traffic. Baguio has the most polluted air in all Philippines, worst than Manila or any other city. The reason for the extreme accumulation of air pollution is the fact that Baguio is surrounded in almost all directions by much higher mountains. CO from road traffic is denser / heavier than fresh air - thus accumulates in the lower area of entire Baguio city. Baguio certainly is NO place at all for a mountain retreat or mountain vacation. Baguio is a start / end point for onward travel or for business like Baguio-flowers, Baguio-roses or Baguio-vegetables - all very famous throughout entire Philippines and beyond.

Baguio City is a university city. Thus you see thousands of students and to meet all needs of students, you find plenty of Internet cafes, discos, dancing or music places open each day until midnight or past midnight.

Music magic - My preferred music / dancing place in Baguio

Music Magic is easy to find at its new location on Session Road. From Prime Hotel down the left side of session road, you will find stairs going down to the new and improved location of Music magic. Music magic is open usually from 8 PM until about 3 AM - sometimes even longer and 7 days a week. 2 Life bands - both about 5-8 players / singers are playing music with love and all heart - hence music magic. Each band an hour or so - then shift change - if you have a music wish it is usually played within minutes - guest singers welcome later in night ..

The place is pretty large - may be hundred persons early evening, later a little less - and has many good drinks and excellent food as well. all at a very very reasonable price affordable for all.

How to get to Baguio city from Manila ?

Coming from Manila - you have many comfortable buses day and night into the center of Baguio. 2 Main bus terminals - one near session road and another one a little more outside but always taxis waiting. Here you see the mountain scenery along the road coming up the mountain view toward Baguio city on Marcos highway.

How to get to Baguio city from La Union ?

From San Fernando La Union there are buses leaving about every 5-10 minutes from bus terminal opposite Town Plaza San Fernando La Union - the bus ride is about 1:45 hrs and the last bus downhill leaves Baguio around 19:00 hrs. Later you may need a taxi to return to La Union. A taxi from Baguio to La Union would be about 1500-2000 Peso.

See the beautiful mountain scenery photos / wallpapers from Baguio to La union

From Baguio to Sagada

Baguio is an excellent starting point if you plan a trip by bus to the rice terraces in Sagada. The buses from Baguio to Sagada are leaving VERY early morning usually before 8 AM and the bus terminal is almost walking distance from Burnham park - may be 1 km toward the center. A taxi may be best to get to that bus terminal. Ask the day before or earlier about bus schedules - sometimes in rainy season the road to Sagada may be damaged and interrupted. Best time is dry season - winter time, early December to early May for a trip from Baguio to Sagada

God is Love