You love me - Learn to accept love from others
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Adult love

Are you open for love ? Can others love you ? Can God love you ? Here a love prayer to heal and open your heart for the love from all.

TO BE OPEN TO receive OR ACCEPT love from others is of equal importance throughout our eternal life. different persons may offer you their love in different ways - often unseen and unrecognized by you.

since many or most of you OWE someone else the favor to first accept HIS love before YOU can give anything in return it may well be worth to seriously think about whose love YOU have rejected in the past and make up as much as possible.

may be you take some paper and pen and make some notes while making YOUR review of the below points,

for many people to feel love worthy / lovable they NEED and depend on YOUR accepting their love as much as possible. hence thin about the following:

these above are just a very few simple ways someone may have wanted to offer you THEIR love, their company, or something out of their services or products ... a service of love of manifold nature and you found excuses for rejecting.

love needs to flow - among all mankind - from them to you - from you to them - love among the general population of human society may have millions of manifestations - like the blossoming field.

learn to get human relationships flowing - active - dynamic!

learn to accept whenever possible. someone wants to bake a cake or cook a lunch or diner for you ... why not !!

it is one of many ways to LOVE YOU and for you as well it is ONE of many ways YOU may need to learn to accept favors as a true way of sincere love and friendship among all mankind.

some wanted to offer you to play music for you or sing for you or to make you a gentle massage ... why NOT !!!

someone wanted to repair your household or make your garden ... why NOT !!

what may appear to YOU like work - may be a pleasant change in life for others or even their special hobby !!! what you may consider a burden may be pleasant for others and may be their ONLY way to show YOU their love in an efficient way.

love from others is making your life more pleasant. YOUR life for others is making THEIR life more pleasant. such is the eternal relationship of LOVE among all. we do things to please others and we accept things FROM others that please US.

when YOU have been really honest to above questions - then YOU must have written down a few occasions where you missed to accept the effort of others to LOVE you THEIR way.

rejected love is the cause of SEVERE emotional stress and even spiritual stress.

when you noticed that you rejected once or repeated times the offer of another person to establish a situation of loving exchange - you can solve the situation by

sooner or later YOU need to get things flowing again and it is the one who rejected an offer of love who will be the one to make the next first step to get love flowing again. be creative and loving and keep in mind that alternatively you may get another incarnation or many of them to get done what you delay or postpone or cancel NOW !

how does such perspective sound to you ? just keep in mind that MOST people on earth are here because they failed to do the few simple but nevertheless important steps to overcome their ego and say YES to love TO and FROM others.

to finalize this point. make a list of 12 persons from whom you rejected any offer during the course of past months or years and during this coming pre-Christmas weeks re-establish a contact with them and get together. use all know efficient methods to contact them - be innovative and creative. use phone, fax, email, personal surprises, flowers sent via Fleurop directly to their house..... use mutual friends to help re-establish contact.

now during pre-Christmas weeks ALL people are more open for any kind of reconciliation. even if you never had any argument - rejecting love or the attempt to love YOU is a very serious situation on YOUR path to God as well as on theirs.the more often such situations occur, the more likely these persons may give up and stop to make any offer of love or attempt to love at all anymore.

something YOU may deeply regret in YOUR future.

use some of your time during the coming weeks to re-establish loving friendly contacts to as many lost or rejected ones as possible

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with love and divine bliss


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