You love me - Learn to accept love from others - Part 2 "You love me"

Children's love

as babies grow older they start to show their love for you in more and more different ways - including physical and creative ways.

learn to recognize every manifestation from YOUR children's love and learn to fully accept THEIR love.

starting at the age of approximately 2, children become young adults and start to HELP mother and father in various ways, including cleaning, cooking, baking, watching YOU work and attempting to copy your work. children start to copy from you whatever you do, they want to be WITH you, in the office, at your work place, at home, anywhere and everywhere.

if you conduct a rightful and honest life - you will have zero secrets and can easily share ALL with your children. this sharing YOUR time and your experience with all your children would be the spiritual way of "educating" children - by YOUR SELF being a sample and allowing your children to do ALL you are doing.

your children's desire and natural interest IN YOUR activities is one major manifestation of THEIR love FOR YOU. they admire you and want to be like you. YOU are your children's idol !! because they love you they want to be WITH you and do what YOU DO !

if you have difficulties allowing YOUR children to do what YOU do - then YOU may do yourself something WRONG, wrong like

children grow and their interest grow proportional. as the interest toward new activities and knowledge grows - the potential to learn grows as well. that means IF a child is interested in a particular skill or knowledge, then THAT CHILD is mature to LEARN it.

learn to accept the God given curiosity of children - because it is THEIR way of saying to YOU - the parents - children's best friend

the children's and teenagers readiness to copy YOU is a much deeper and spiritual way of manifested ACTIVE dynamic love toward YOU. it is YOUR responsibility to assure that your love meets the expectations of your children. it is your responsibility to make sure your children's faith and belief in YOU is fully justified.

whatever you do - keep in mind that your children KNOW what you are doing when YOU are away from them. because a "blueprint" of all action, thoughts and emotions is a permanent PART of the radiation of YOUR AURA !

toward ALL your best friends, beloved ones and partners YOU will NEVER be able to have any real secret - everything is part of your aura and only if you can do or repeat ALL you have ever done in front of all your beloved ones can you say honestly that you always had but loving and honest intentions.

children grow day by day - step by step and at different speed depending on many environmental factors - mainly depending on HOW FAST YOU allow them to learn, to grow, to become adult. remember that your children are ADULT SOULS temporarily having a smaller body that first needs to be trained. their realized spiritual potential MAY exceed your very own one by millions or billions of years of development or evolution !

while we have been created - we still evolve - ETERNALLY - we continuously GROW and learn, here on earth as well as back in God's divine home for us.

beyond the age of 6-8 years you NEED to give your children the freedom to do more and more alone - including helping you in household or garden or where ever they want to help, cooking or baking FOR you, going shopping and more. allow children to find THEIR way to love you, allow them to try new activities, new ways to be WITH you in an active way, allow them to do what YOU do - but allow them to do it THEIR way if they try different methods for what YOU are doing. who says that YOUR way is the only correct way or correct at all ? !

the more YOU can accept your children the way THEY ARE, the way God made them - the easier it is for your children to be WITH you, to retain a FULL opening of love FOR YOU and to enjoy life while learning and growing. allow them to copy YOU as well as to do things TOTALLY different from YOUR methods !

your children's way to say "I love you" consists mainly of

while parents mainly show their love for their children by

children have much different ways of loving you than your living partner has - yet their way of sowing you their love is as divine and as necessary for YOU as your partners love. open for YOUR love to your children and open for their love toward YOU. learn to say YES to any loving request from your children and learn to justify WITH TRUE loving wisdom whenever you think you need to say NO. if YOUR NO can be justified with LOVE and nothing but true love - then your children may accept it and dissolve their original request. if however YOUR NO was based on YOUR lack of time, lack of love, lack of knowledge, lack of YOUR readiness or willingness to cooperate WITH your children - then YOU have proven EGO and YOU have created karma that NEEDS to come back to YOU - most likely it needs to come back as a painful experience - painful FOR YOU - to teach you in a more efficient way what YOU have REFUSED to learn with love and in a loving situation.

CHILDREN may be some of your most valuable spiritual lessons and helpers - if YOU take the time to accept all the healing LOVE from your children. if your children are always happy and NEVER crying - then you most likely have managed to be a loving parent for them - a truly best friend. because best friends is what they need - while a baby needs mother and father to protect and guide, at the age of 6 and above children need a loving playmate and living example and later on, about at the age of 10-12 they need a best friend. hence YOUR role changes - and your love will grow as YOU need to learn to give continuously more and more freedom - seeing your children less and less until they are ready to enter their own relationship and fully manage their life on their own - far away from you - without even a possibility for you to see or contact them. if YOU have been a loving example for them - then you know they are strong and wise enough to pray at any time to God and to find their very own solutions in all future situations of life.

if however you feel bad about giving freedom to your children - then YOU may have failed to be a GOOD living and loving example for them. too late - because one day they have attained legal age and are free to do what they want to do anyway. missing ALL or most loving examples FROM you - YOU have created the need and situation for them to learn on their own - most likely in a painful way - and you have created the need for OTHERS to help your children including the need for "overtime" and extra work for your children's "guardian angels" to protect your children from possible damage that YOUR Missing example and missing time FOR them has created.

the more you do WITH your children whenever they want to be with you - the better your children are prepared for ALL situations of life - beyond YOUR present physical incarnation - because YOU are most likely to leave them on their own one day when you drop or lose your body by the end of your present incarnation.

if you are sure to have spent as much time in as many different situations as possible and wanted by your children - then you can be sure that your children are properly prepared for THEIR adult life here on earth.

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